Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Q Tip Concert At The Roundhouse 14.3.09

I must commend the £2 million facelift that has transformed the Roundhouse theatre into the awesome entertainment space it is now. My beau kindly bought my cousin & his girlfrind ( For his Birthday) and I tickets to see the devout Muslim Q Tip presented by Gilles Peterson in concert. 14 years he's been out of London. Jonathan Davis (born April 10, 1970), better known by his stage name Q-Tip, is an American hip hop artist, singer, and occasional actor from Queens, New York City, perhaps best known as part of the critically acclaimed group A Tribe Called Quest. There's no song like " After it all it was you" - Still sends tingles down my back. The atmosphere was electric and Q Tip's voice is God sent +

About Red Nose Day - 13.3.09

Well after the brainwave that is "Red Nose Day" I decided as an African that I too must play a part in giving to the great cause. Linking Biggie Smalls to this auspicious day gave us another chnace for nusic to drive a different kind of Guest to our Friday the 13th Party. 150 came through the door at Vendome and were treated to Champagne Belinis & Seabreezes. Although we had 180 of each they were depleted in a New York minute. Seems to always be the case with free drinks non? I just happy we raised £220 to the Red Nose cause....small you may say but selling noses at £2 eack was nt an easy task. I know I did it! As one prudent Egyptian financier once said,"Every penny counts". Great music from DJ Clown Prince and his merry crew. Lots more of these "Be inspired....Music nights to come". Friends and Clients made this a rockus night. I was nt too sure about the Clubs bouncers attitude though - always taints an evening if you have heavy handed staff :-(