Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A.G Leventis Foundation Help Sickle Cell Programmes & Biodiversity By Funding

I went to a moving and interesting Book & Photography Presentation at the Hellenic Centre, Marylebone sponsored by the benevolent Cypriot A.G Leventis Foundation last night ( Exhibition from 7th-16th Feb 2011) . Did you know that A.G. Leventis, that multi-national company with stakes in all human endeavours started in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital over 90 years ago. Over the years the Foundation has helped a plethora of causes get the funding they needed to help communities and individuals alike. I ran into them a few years back when they donated a large sum of money over 3 years to the Richard Coker Foundation's successful campaign to raise funding for the Sickle Cell Society .

Unfortunately 1 in 20 from risk groups carries a trait for Sickle Cell Disorder. The child of two carrier parents may inherit a full blown Sickle Cell Disorder. These disorders have no cure and will affect every aspect of the child's life. Before starting your family, a simple blood test can reveal if you're the one. From the Caribbean, through Africa, Middle East to India we are all effected. It's a major shame that most of the men in these cultures think it weak to go and get a test .....Idiiiiots. Please go now and ask your Doctor for a test!

On the flipside Mr Taso Leventis & the A.G Leventis Foundation has been making in-roads in helping to try and better amongst many my Motherland. For example the Natural History Museum built in the University Of Ife, Agriculture Tranining Schools in Tumu, Uesa, Abuja & Kano are a few of the winning projects they have spent both time and money to help succeed. Yes they made a lot of money from Nigeria but at least they are re-investing in this and many Nations !

In Nigeria it is essential that our youth continue to learn how to use the land for Agro Forestry, Farming and Natural Resources Utilisation before it's too late. Firewood & charcoal burning are the major components in deforestation ( slash & burn). Did you realise that 150 Million hectares per year has been destroyed across the world from 1990 - 2009? People's funding of Charities in UK only apply 3% of funding to Conservation & Environmental causes. Mad - especially when we see what has happened this winter from here in UK , Australia, the Americas & Africa......


"Man did not weave the web of life - he is merely a strand in it.Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
Chief Seattle, 1854.