Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Longleat- Mr & Mr Pendleton's Wedding Hosted By Ceawlin, Viscount Weymouth

Wow, sometimes being couped up in the Big Smoke almost makes you forget how beautiful the countryside is in the UK. Well this week-end I had my memory topped up in a most sublime and stylish way. I was invited to my good friend Nana's Wedding to the quiet but charming Ian Pendleton in Wiltshire. The invitation said 2pm at the Orangery, Longleat. Little did I realise that no one had been allowed to have a Wedding in the Orangery for the last 40 years. I always knew Nana had connections by Boy was this a link up. Her very good friend Ceawlin, Viscount Weymouth had kindly offered his enchanting Estate to the proceedings.

The train journey into Wiltshire was smooth and pleasant: I occupied by reading and catching up on Global MacroEconomics with the Bible that is the Econmist - great read. I stayed at a quaint hotel in the middle of some lush fields called http://www.oldmanorhotel.com/ in Trowbridge. Beautiful and over a hundred years old.

Quick turnaround ...... onward bound to Longleat http://www.longleat.co.uk/ - Wowza what an inspiring driveway and magnificent House. Tourists everwhere and only the VIP Guests at the Wedding were allowed into the inner sanctum. Of course I was one of these..... How refreshing to meet old friends again after 5 yeasrs and still have a warm affinity with them. Thank you Pendletons for putting me on a most positive table with the great and good. I enjoyed stimulating conversation whilst I ate a most veritable meal...... I whiled the time away with the likes of journos Martin Deeson & Kate Spicer as well as PR Guru Naila . What larks we had !!!!

Didnt think that having a Wedding on a Football World Cup that both Nigeria and England were playing would be such a blast!!!!!

The speech from Ceawlin was from the heart and most endearing!

His Father Lord Bath was also in magnificent spirits.

Great break, lovely Wedding and fabulous company ......... Thanks Guys. Just what I needed :-)

May the sun light up your path,

And the winds push forrward all your endeavours !!!!!

Congratulations The Pendletons xxxxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Alistair Is Triumphant In Triathlon Charity Campaign

WOW ! What a monumental week-end! Whilst I was planning a must laid back picnic in Hyde Park with Friends and Family this last Saturday my business partner: Alistair, was successfully finishing a 2.9km run after a 400m swim & a 13.2 km Bike ride at Blenheim Palace http://www.blenheimpalace.com/ . 3 weeks training and still nursing a cold he managed to finish a commendable 124th out of 250. "Next year I'll train for longer", said Al in great spirits to his Dad at the finish.

Not only did he finish but he was running to raise money for a charity in Zimbabwe http://www.friendsoftose.org.uk/ which his mother-in-law is involved with. He has raised over £1200. We are all very proud of him. Nice one Mate !!!!