Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sharm el Sheikh, Aviles Spain & Lagos Nigeria All in 1 month - August 2010!

Our Island in Elado, Lagos Nigeria

St Katherine's Monestary

It has been a most interesting August month that saw me diving in Sahrm El Sheikh ( Thanks Ruth for the PADI Training), climbing Mount Sinai past St Katherine's Monestary (Inspirational!), observing dancing fish in Aviles during the beautiful Wedding of Bawo & Andrea and an adventurous but productive time in Lagos Nigeria . Phew what a month. Mixed feelings but seem to have come through the other end just about - with flesh wounds.....lets see what September brings!

The Family Link- Harrimans & Epegas in the 1960's at a Cockatil Party in Lagos Nigeria

Aunty Irene Harriman in full regalia xx

Bawo & Andrea Harriman

Don't look up now Babs

The Road to Mount Sinai

Diving off a yacht in Sharm

Bawo & Andrea's Wedding Dancers

Bawo & Andreas Wedding