Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cartier Polo - Chinawhite Enclosure 26th July 2009

On sunday 26th July at the Cartier Polo (25th Anniversary) the party of the year commenced. What an interesting and fun affair. Once I had made sure all our Clients on 22 tables had settled in, been watered and fed I concentrated on finding my team a meal and drink. Thank you the Westbury Hotel, Mayfair team for the warmth and hospitality. Andrew, Gerald, Rory, Ashley, Peter and the team - you are awesome. The food was most veritable and hearty ( especially the Smithfield Beef). How do you do it every year Guys? Loving your work!

This year the Chinawhite enclosure was smaller by at least half but this didn't water down the style, professionalism and attractiveness of the event. Not as many Celebrities ( I suppose China didn't give as many freebies , quite understandably, as it was a crunch year). The atmosphere in the day was slightly dampened by the ran and England losing to Argentina 12-6.

But by 6pm when DJ Sam Young came on the decks and the After Party Guests were arriving in their droves the atmosphere picked up. Some old faces, many new, beautiful boys, beautiful girls and lots of amusement and folly. We decided to leave at 8pm although the party was in full swing. As our work was done I thought it best to leave when the Party was at it's best ....always gaurantees a good memory. Missed Jade Jagger DJing but caught the human chandelier sponsored by Russian Standard pour out shots .....great creative. Thank you Jeremy, John, Kate, Cordelia and the team.

See you later this year when the new Chinawhite opens!

Client Boat Party Along The Thames

It always thrills me to go along the River Thames and re-visit the landmarks that make Londinium such a great city. Houses Of Parliament, Big Wheel, Thames Barrier andf loads more. When a lovely Client called me 3 weeks ago and asked us to find a Boat for 50 Guys and 6 Ladies for a mid project party for their Construction Company on a budget: I had to think deep and move fast. Summer is always the prime time for Boats - even in a recession. Throwing a Party on a stringent budget was never going to be easy. But with a bit of arn twisting and haggling we managed to find 2 great options. Thank you Andrea for the link up and nice to meet you Kelly and the Guys. Always fun meeting down to earth Guys as well...... see you again soon.
All the best to ALENE QUINN, our intern heading back to USA.
Keep in touch girl x

Pop Up Bar - Opera Quarter Bar

On Thursday last we threw a little soiree for 150 of our Clients and Friends at Douglas Ankrah's www.operaquaterbar.com . Opened for only 3 months and close to Covent Garden this summer it proved to be an interesting Amplification venue. We were based on the 1st and 2nd floors in 4 separate rooms. This disjointed our group a tad but turnout and individuals still impressed me. Great to see some old faces and new ones. Awesome to see you Adam "Dr Al Jenkins off Eastenders" . Also Big up to Designer to the Stars ( Espcially Footballers) Clayon of www.uciyanreevamp.com for the clothes and gracing us with his presence. Thanks Douglas for a progressive night. One to visit - Opera Quarter Bar!