Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New emc3 branch opens - From London to Lagos with love....The Continental drift!

Wow weee! 
Best way to beat the Lagos rush hour is in a Marwa Taxi!

What a year of adventure it has been. 12 trips between London & Lagos via Abuja, Dubai, Ibiza, Monaco, Sharm El-Sheik, Paris, Amsterdam, the Sahara Desert and Essex has been tough but progressive. 

Since we officially opened an emc3 branch in Lagos Nigeria in January 2014 we have witnessed Ebola scares & controls, onslaught from Boko Haram, deluge of the Raining Season, Harmattan hazes, Lagos Motor Boat Club suyas, Beach club parties,  triumphant Conferences, sublime Events, The Richard Coker Foundation benevolence, Vice-Presidential meetings, World Economic Forum dealings, Ministry of Power inspirations, corridors of power waiting, abject poverty denial in Makoko village, Euro tunnel delays, 3 Weddings, 2 funerals, many Bar Mitzvahs, numerous Alleluias in Cathedrals, the Ibadan Expressway gauntlet, beautiful Benin Wedding and dodgy roads, 8 shuttle flights to the Federal Capital Territory , postponements of General Elections and falling down an uncovered manhole whilst jogging at 6am! 

What has truly endeared me to my nation of birth in the last year is that against all odds; the tenacity of the people prevails; the sense of humour in the face of adversity is inspiring, the beauty & abundance of our land is self evident as is the joy of being in  the warmth of the Sun.

The Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Cultural & Development Law revolution is alive and kicking! 

What is next for our great nation only God knows but one thing for sure we live in the modern day wild west and we are geared up for a Cultural Renaissance come hell or high waters.

We are on ground and are here to stay! 

Nigeria we hail thee.......

Here are some shots to titillate your visual senses:
Lagos Advertising & Ideas Festival Awards Invite, Lagos

Arthouse Event Sculptures, Lagos

Bar Mitzvah Event, London 

Beach Party, off Lagos 

Family Wedding, Benin City 

Family Wedding 2, Benin City 

Bride & Groom, Benin City 

 Hitching a ride with the Nigeria Air Force, Abuja 

 Dancing Girls, Lagos 

 The Venus Bushfires & Legend T Mac, Lagos 

 Ecobank Capital Summit, Lagos 

 The VBF & I at Houses of Parliament

 The Queen's Tower 

 Police Watch, World Economic Forum, Abuja 

 The VBF & Prime Minister Andre Nzapayeke (Central African Republic) 

 Lunch with Rt Hon. David Blunkett MP

 Registering to vote, Lagos

 Elegushi Beach Life, Lagos 

 Tradition Xmas Party, London 

 Rough & Tumble with love ones, The Grove, Hertfordshire 

 EMC3 Xmas, The Grove, Hertfordshire 

 Simi Singer, LAIF Awards Event 

 Etisalat Book Prize, Lagos 

 Taxi ride, Oshodi 

 Hitching a ride to Amsterdam 

LAIF Awards Dancers, LAGOS 

It's a jungle out there, VBF, Akure, Ondo State

Lagos life roolz....