Monday, 28 March 2011

The Vanessa (Feltz) Show, Sofa Surfer - Will it, won't it?

Last week my Sis Jay called me, as she does from time to time; asking if I want to be on TV? Thinking it was because of my good looks , articulate manner and wide girth I was flattered to get the call. No she said it was only because I was her Bro and she had been asked to bring someone along close to her to talk about relationships (no comments please) and general insights into life in London. When she mentioned it was the Vanessa show I thought warrily, "Mmm, Vanessac Feltz - intelligent, sharp lady who doesn't hold back on her punches". Worth a banter :-) Then I found out I was to be along side her reporter/singer hubby Ben Ofoedu, a fellow compatriot: how could I resist? I know she gets a lot of stick and the ratings have been low but I still think she's a fab lady and Ben has a lot of mileage to go on TV as a Presenter.

People in media fear women who seem far too smart and not mincers of words. Not everyone on TV should be talentless and pretty like Cheryl C. Ladies sometimes it is good to rally around someone of your gender who sees through all the baloney and says it as it is....... What happened to Girl Power?

See the show on Keep fighting the good fight Guys and thanks for the airtime!