Saturday, 31 January 2009

Diva Beach & Chelsea Arts Club

Thursday nite I went with Friends to view the new bar Diva Beach ( on Fulham Road opposite Chelsea & Wesminster. Beautiful venue & great cocktails ....reckon it could work! Good luck Andy ......Inspired by Miami's South Beach, Diva Beach is an oasis in the heart of Chelsea, bringing together the best design and club experiences from around the world. Located on what is known as 'The Beach' to locals, this glamorous boutique club promises to take guests on a seductive journey of luxury and style from dusk till dawn.

Peckish we all went on to the unique Members Club that is Chelsea Arts Club , thanks to Hugo. It was absolutely packed at it was Roses evening. Very bizarre space - make sure you don t miss the surreal paintings on the wall in the dining room. Interesting garden...must be fun in the summer.

What a full on but productive week x

ONE TO WATCH Moses Jones - 2.2.09 BBC2 9PM

Actor Shaun Parkes invited the Mrs and I to BBC Screening of his lead part 3 part drama series of refreshing writer Joe ( Of Life On Mars Fame) . Delightful to see Shaun getting a juicy and interesting script to get his teeth into as a lead. I hope and believe this is the one that will help catapult him to stardom across the pond! With help from God who can stop him! Here s to wishing him the best...... Also top to bump into aspiring actor/writer Leke Adebayo ( in part 3 of Moses Jones) at the screening....bonne chance a toi mon frere! PlEASE SUPPORT THE CAUSE BY WATCHING "MOSES JONES" on BBC2 , 2nd Feb Monday at 9pm.

La Verrière - Dinner with the Rolets in Albert Gate

Ahhhhh what an evening. I had the pleasure and honour to be invited by Nicole Rolet to a private Dinner for 10 Guests at a close friend of hers house behind the Albert Hall. With our 7,000 ab1 professionals newsletter readers and you reading my blog, I represented EMC3/Globalguestlist Concierge when asked to sample the fine food ( the organic Lamb & truffles were heavenly), in house vineyards red and white wines and local cheeses. What most impressed me was not the quality and painstaking time taken to prepare all their organic products ( Thanks to you as well Chef Olivier), but the sacrifice our Hosts have endured to resurrect this enchanting retreat for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Definately a place I will visit soon . As I advise you to too. If you do just say Baba sent you. With 30 hectares of vineyards and a state-of-the-art winery, this boutique wine estate lies at the heart of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the foothills of Mont Ventoux.

Having recognised its uniquely privileged micro-climate and location when they bought the estate 10 years ago, La Verrière’s owners, Nicole and Xavier Rolet, embarked upon an ambitious program of restructuring the 40-year-old vineyards and introducing exacting qualitative and biodynamic practices. They launch their couture Chêne Bleu wines this spring.

At the heart of the estate lie a historic medieval Priory and an 18th-century Bastide, which have been painstakingly and lovingly restored in rustic luxury style, preserving the buildings’ architectural harmony and historical authenticity, while adding 21st-century standards of comfort. Great retreat for Wine Courses, Corporate retreats, Family reunions, Weddings or just awesome Parties. More to come from this lot......

kung hei fat choi

On monday , Chinese New Year , we were kindly invited by the owner of superb and stylish Oriental Restaurant Shanghai Blues . You can t beat their dim sums and soft shell crabs....mmm! Definately worth a try.

Bid farewell to the global economic downturn brought on in the Year of the Rat, and get ready to embrace the upcoming Year of the Ox. The second animal in the twelve Chinese zodiac signs began its year-long reign on Monday, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

For thousands of years, the ox - or more precisely, the water buffalo - has been valued for its meat and milk as well as the labor it performs. Since the animal is responsible for tilling the land on terraced fields to grow crops, the ox is a very important asset, especially in an agrarian society. For this reason "ox people," like the animal itself, are associated with characteristics such as being unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. They are not social or party animals, and they tend to be quiet when in groups.

Some people might accuse them of being strong-minded and stubborn, but in fact people born under the influence of the Ox are said to be kind, caring souls who are logical and positive-thinking and filled with common sense; they have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Security is the main preoccupation in life for ox people, and they are prepared to toil long and hard in order to provide a warm, comfortable and stable nest for themselves and their families.

Ox people are also exceptional at handcrafts or the arts, a fact attested to by the many famous artists or celebrities born in the year of the ox around the world. A partial list would include Vincent Van Gogh, Walt Disney, Charles Chaplin and Anthony Hopkins as well as George Clooney. Some Chinese celebrities such as Hong Kong pop stars Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung as well as Takeshi Kaneshiro, a half Taiwanese actor, were all born in Ox years.

With the Year of the Ox upon us, what can we expect in the new Lunar Year, and will the animal largely associated with dependability and calmness bring a halt to the economic recession both in Taiwan and the whole world?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Michaela's 30th Birthday Party

Beautiful Couple the Zavaglia's gave us the honour of throwing Michaela's 30th Birthday Party at the enchanting venue No 5 Cavendish Square. Lots of great dancing from the Girls, inspiring food, arse kicking cocktails (Thanks Hakim) and great atmosphere. Here s to you Michaela & Stefano - "May the best of your past be the worst of your future!"

Obama Day 20th Jan 2009

Wow.... what a great day! Loved the Aretha singing as well. Brought me to tears. Our prayers are with him.We know he can walk on water, lets hope he will deliver the loaves of bread and fish. Thanks to OBV for a great Inauguration Event athe the memerising venue Altitude 360. Great views on London.... only place in London you can your nose down on the Houses Of Paliament!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Pete & Penny's Engagement/Send Off Party

This week-end was spend with loved ones and dear fiends. With this economic climate being as it is in the last 2 months I have seen 2 very good Friends move to Dubai with work....bonne chance Adel & Padrip x And this week-end I placed Pete & Penny's Engagement/Emigarting to Oz Party at the J Bara at Sumosan ( Great sushi and kobe beef guys). Great ambience , Pete the Superstar DJ was on the decks and 14 Magnums of Champagne later I was on the floor: well at least fast asleep at 3am in Momo's. Thanks Murad for not being upset as I slept at your Club!
Sunday lunch in Richmond Village with my beau , niece, Godson and dearest Friends N&M was a perfect end to a tremendous week-end. Still have a hangover today.... Long live the retox !!!!

2009 kicked off with sites visits and birthday parties

Wow wee ....... 2009 has kicked off with enquiries for events andf creatives for conferences.We have seen so many Clients and Friends in such a short time; Lunches at Rivington Grill, Soho Hse, Artisan & the Galvin Windows have helped the cause.I am so glad to see people are requesting Birthday Parties. All for lovely Ladies as well. In the next 2 weeks I have the pleasure in organising a 30th, 18th and 21st Birthday Parties..... Michaela, Charlotte & Fatimah- this blog is dedicated to you. You shall enjoy ........ most de rigeur for Birthdays are Cupcake Tiers.
My favourite site visited venue is definately the Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom.
Bring it on 2009!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Defiance Premiere - Daniel Craig In Belorussia

Still freezing here in London but Monday started well back at work! Tuesday we went to the Premiere of the Film "Defiance" with some good Friends and Clients at Odeon Leicester Square. Interetsting war film with heart wrenching undertones - Daniel Craig a tad mis-cast but still awesome!

Sacha & Teressa's Wedding At Highclere Castle,Berkshire

Luckyily I was nt too hungover New Years as I had the pleasure of taking my dear Niece to see Madagascar 2. Great film....only caught the 1st one over Xmas - Hilarious. Chris Rock you re the don! Saturday arrived smoothly and we were invited to an old Uni Friend Sacha's Wedding to his bethrothed - the beautiful and enchanting Teressa."May the sun light up your path togather and the winds push all your endeavours forward". Although it was absolutely freezing in Berkshire - the ceremony was at a beautiful church called Ascension, Burghclere.Loved the Maori Love song " Pokarekare Ana" sang by her Dad & Brothers.That warmed us all up. Then on to the Phat Highclere Castle. Highclere Castle is the home of the Earls of Carnarvon, the most famous being the present Earl's great grandfather who, with Howard Carter, discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. Good enough for Thierry H and his ex Wife to marry in.... Good enough for my man.So fine to see all my old Chums from Queen Mary & Wesfield - Will & Will, Dr Mick & Lisa, Peter, Brian, Darren, Jane, Dougal & the the rest of the Cosmic Crew - I salute you ....! See you at the 6 Nations Rugger :-) Thanks for the love !

HNY To One & All - Ivy Dinner & Abi's House Party

What a lovely Xmas eve we had. Had a spare table at the Ivy resturant for 8pm. Rude not to take it up and invite my Mrs to dinner as a thank you for putting up with me in 2008. So I did. Had the Lamb and she had a seabass. Always amazes me how inexpensive it is. Had a bottle of Gavi Di Gavi and was comp.ed a couple of glasses of Champagne for our Love. Always goes down well. Slightly snozzled we went on through the merry throngs in building up in Trafalgar square onto the tube down to Clapham. Good friend Abi was having a House Party. Only 20 of us...was bloody marvellous.Champagne, sparklers and Barry White always a winner with the Girls. Great Chocolate Cake Beatrice- thanks to you we're on this path. Bonne chance to you and all those we love. Chapagne to my real Friends....Real pain to my sham friends!!!