Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sunday with my niece, the Royal Academy and Constantine I !

Sunday was a real gem as I got to spend some TLC time with my Niece. We decided to go to the Royal Academy Of Arts to check out the Byzantium Exhibition courtesy of Emperors Constantinos & Justinian. I still want to visit Turkey some day soon ....so much history and great food !! So much to read about!!! My favourite is the icon of Archangel Michael with his sword. Worth a visit if you re interested in jewels & history http://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibitions/byzantium/about

About Byzantium 330–1453
Highlighting the splendours of the Byzantine Empire, Byzantium 330–1453 comprises around 300 objects including icons, detached wall paintings, micro-mosaics, ivories, enamels plus gold and silver metalwork. Some of the works have never been displayed in public before.

The exhibition includes great works from the San Marco Treasury in Venice and rare items from collections across Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Egypt. The exhibition begins with the foundation of Constantinople in 330 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and concludes with the capture of the city by the Ottoman forces of Mehmed II in 1453. This is the first major exhibition on Byzantine Art in the United Kingdom for 50 years

A 21st Birthday Party In Soho House For An Unassuming Princess

Seeiong as Mrs E is in Sweden I 'm back on the horse to throw another MONSTER Birthday Party! This month we've organised an 18th , 30th & now on saturday a most splendiferous 21st for an enchanting lady. A cocktail of London's foremost caricaturist Andi, superstar DJ Alex, Soho Hse's Mixologists John & Brigitta all put together and mixed by yours truly- what could go wrong? Everything! But luckily the Birthday Girl was in top form as so were her affable Friends. Great spirit & dancing Guys ...... oh to be 21 again - NOT ;-)

Motown Madness At Maya Nightclub

Friday night was a pleasant surprise turnout. With all the snow, rain and freezing weather although we hade 280 on the Guestlist, we did nt expect 180 Guests. Great music, beautiful people, awesome magician and our magic .... always a winning formula. Thank God for Berry Gordy. Got to throw another one real soon! Thank you Markus, Sam, DJ Alex, Dan the Magic Man and the EMC3 Team. Some great leads and a most productive week!