Thursday, 28 March 2013

Roof Gardens 75th Anniversary Party


On Wednesday evening 13th March, the Roof Gardens on Kensington High Street were open to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Before getting to the gardens however, a few of us were lucky enough ride the Virgin Limobikes to the event. The drivers were more than charming and gave a private tour as we rode along to the event. Available for small group hire, with up to nine bikes at once, the limobikes were a great alternative form of transportation.





Arriving in style, we were greeted in the lobby by a band which triumphantly followed us, in a packed elevator I may add, to the top floor. Jamming out to the live band in the elevator was more than just your typical ‘elevator music’ experience. Upon entering the Roof Gardens main events space, the room was up- lighted with blues and purples with a dance floor in the middle of the room followed by a lounge of large lamps and couches. Images were also projected on the main DJ booth and lamp shades adding a decorative element to the room. Stepping outside, the event space extending in two directions: one towards the gardens the other towards a private, covered area. In between the two areas was an open grill area serving food for all the guests. In the private, covered area there was tables, a small bar, a candy station, a photo dress-up station and a room with wireless headsets to watch a movie. The gardens on the other hand were left in their natural beauty for guests to explore. A night filled with drinks, food and countless entertainment, the Roof Gardens Launch Party was a perfect night of fun!

Thanks for the warm hospitality & cracking food.
We look forward to producing more evnets with you this year!

Written by Sara Lieber, US Intern

Silver Barracuda Yacht Soiree

On Wednesday evening the 6th March, we , the emc3 ladies, stepped aboard the London Eye Barracuda Cruise Yacht.  A two level cruise boat with an upper deck bar, this boat is the perfect venue for any type of cocktail party, dinner or dinner dance. The boat has a unique set-up on both floors with space down the centre of the boat and booth tables along the windows to enjoy the view from the Thames. The upper level is more unique in its design having a bar and tables on one side and couches and smaller tables on the other creating a lounge area. With a live three-man band, the music playing throughout the evening was a great touch to scenic views from everywhere on the ship in addition to networking with other event professional.

Upon entering the yacht, we were greeted by the very friendly staff with an array of cocktails and canapés provided by “rhubarb” catering services. Canapé after canapé, the creativity of each dish continued to grow. As little red buttons passed by, the beetroot and goat cheese macaroons became a huge hit of the evening. With its creative display on individual spoons, baby scallops on top pea puree, sea bass and cream cheese and seared tuna with a spicy dressing were another hit. Served in individual puff pastry cups, quail eggs with hollandaise and chives were an easy and delicious treat to pop in your mouth. To wrap up the evening, dessert shooters of coffee mouse, passion fruit crème brûlée, lemon mouse and gelatin with a touch of gold leaf. Not to mention the elaborate strawberry bouquets on either side of the dessert table. 

Wow, what a great night we had! 
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our friends at the London Eye & Rhubarb Caterers.
Written by Sara Lieber , USA Intern