Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sanderson Hotel Site Visit & Scrumptuous Reception Hosted By Morgan's Hotel

On Wednesday Evening, April 3rd, the girls and Phil from the EMC3 team had the pleasure of checking out another great venue from the Morgan’s group: The Sanderson Hotel in London.


Walking through the front door into the beautiful lobby felt like walking into another world. Guided by the lovely Abi and Benoit we went on a tour through the hotel. Our first stop was the party room which featured a big pool table in the middle of the room(but can be pushed aside, if needed!). It fits about 60 people standing for a top reception.


 Our next stop took us straight through the galaxy (not kidding; the elevator is covered with stars and planets) to a bright conference room, for meetings with up to 10 people. On the same floor is the relaxation/spa retreat, which is divided by long, white curtains which reminds one that the hotel was once a fabric factory. The curtains can be pulled to the side to offer a great event area.


 We again went through the constellation zone to a sumptuous lovers’ suite. The focus was the bed over it was a most surreal sensuous painting. The bathroom divided by a white lush curtain was bright and alluring.


 The penthouse was a treat with the most breathtaking & picturesque view of the rooftops of West London. The windows which stretched on both sides of the room, as the penthouse stretched along one side of the building, was bright, white& spacious.


 It included a large inviting living room, two bedrooms and even a small kitchen all great for a visit or party. My favourite part was the huge bath tub which invited us to take bubble bath right away.


 Eventually we managed to drag ourselves out of the suite and into the bar. There we were welcomed with delicious champagne and different kinds of canapés, including spring rolls, chicken and beef skewers. The highlight again was the dessert, as it included an apple tart, different kinds of home-made ice cream, and the Sahnehäubchen ( or Pièce de résistance) was made up of three different kinds of dark, milk& saffron chocolate mini cakes (and who doesn’t love chocolate?)!!


Stuffed with chocolate and champagne we enjoyed a lovely Wednesday evening and want to thank Abi and Benoit for your warm hospitality & lovely company ....... Here’s to more business between us! 

Written by Michelle Mueller, German Intern

St Martin's Lanel Tour & Team Dinner Hosted By Morgan Hotel's Beja Foretia April

On Tuesday evening, April 2nd, the team of EMC3 had the pleasure dining at the St Martins Lane Hotel located close to Leicester Square in London. We were warmly welcomed & hosted by the one & only Beja Foretia, the regional account director for groups and events who took us for an exciting evening tour around the hotel.


 We started our evening with cocktails and long drinks at the hotelbar. Afterwards we went on a tour through the hotel, while Beja entertained us with stories about the hotel history. Behind a little secret door, the hotel offers a room filled with green books with enough space for 20 people to have an exclusive dinner. The rooms have a dazzling view onto the streets of London and are beautifully equipped with everything you may need for your stay. After our short tour, we went into the hotel restaurant called Asia de Cuba where we spent the next three hours enjoying the wonderful meals that were prepared for us. Along with tasty cocktails (mine was a raspberry one– yum!) and a glass of wine, we started with a variety of entrées including slices of duck on salad and different variations of fish which included black cod.


The main course was riddled with something for every taste – different kinds of fish, pork and beef was beautifully arranged on the plates. It was a surprise that everything fit on the table since there was so much! Seeing that there was so much to try, the food made its rounds around the table so everyone could try everything. My favourite was the Chinese noodles, but the beef which was served with a bit of rice were to die for, too.


 Even though we were all stuffed with the delicious food, we didn’t stop here and went straight onto a variety of desserts. This included several kinds of ice cream with mini marshmallows and banana, as well as a chocolate cake and mini donuts filled with almond syrup – don’t you just get hungry reading about this?


 We really enjoyed our evening at the Sanderson Hotel and would like to thank Beja for his kind hospitality! We sure are looking forward to placing future events & room bookings with you at Morgan's Group which includes Sanderson Hotel. 

 Written by German Intern Michelle Mueller