Friday, 4 January 2008

A dream ago & a flight later

Well , back in Londinium ; 2008 AD ....Year Of Clarity , Year Of The Rat , time for renwal & progression. Friday & back to world domination.Reminising the Godson , The Mother , The 2 Dads ,the Sisters , The Friends , HP Lovecraft , the Blood Diamonds , T.I.A , THE SNOW , the Love.Galavanised for the year working in a dreamworld.Portuguese Friends engaged, dinner in Notting Hill with the Mrs & the Dentists,Kanye West & Daft Punk lyricing .....Ahhhh Londinium 2008 AD we come xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 Make It Your Date

Ahhh what a week-end. Started with a fine blag on Friday as I managed to get an Upgrade to a Suite and an extra night at the beautiful Clarion Hotel,Stockholm for my Mrs & I . The rooms are exquisite there and the service is most endearing.Full of Xmas cheer I went to sleep on a most luxurious bed whilst the Mrs went to visit old Friends (till 3am may I add) . To say the least , Saturday was most groggy & fragile for her whilst I was as fresh as a daisy :-) After a morning spa & a sumptuous breakfast , we watched a couple of hilarious films including Shallow Hal nt Jack Black great. He is our eras John Belushi ( without the drugs ) In the eveing we went to the Piano Bar at the Grand Hotel to visit an Old Friend Mats ,one of Stockholm most accomplished Events specialist & Social Networker - he s getting married soon. Must be in the air .Congratulations Dude a fine thing to do although it may put a few pounds on your waist. A few brandies & cokes later we bid our farewells & went back to the hotel for some "Swedish Cuisine" , you know I can t remember what we had but needless to say it was gooood .

An hour later we were joined by the Mrs's lil Sis , a lovely,funky and style concious Babe who had dyed her hair red with success. Being of the same Family as my Gal she too is very persuasive and had convinced her Boyfriend to do the same . Added a lot of colour to our night ......feeling ill as she did we left , the Mrs in the hotel and went to the Spy Bar on the 25th Floor. A pit stop was had at a bar with no name where we had a shot of Absinth each. That ,mes amis, was my undoing . What kind peops there are in Stockholm....everyone was so cordial at the bar and even joined us in many a tequila shot.Shame no one liked dancing though. Too kool for school I presume . Don t remember how I got home but do remember some Swedish Film Star being bundled into the backof a police car outside the Hotel at about 3 in the morning for some flout of the law or other .Good to see all are equal in the eyes of the law :-)

Sunday I was ill but thanks to Phileas Fogg, V For Vendetta , My sick Wife & a couple of gallons of water I got through the day .

NYE Monday ....Hurray the SNOW began in earnest as we shopped for presents, queued for booze then went to visit the Mrs' Dad & Brothers . Great afternoon of Buns & Glogg with fotos of our honeymoon in the Motherland - Africa. Did nt feel so good though as had caught the cough .Not to worry had to soldier on as it was New Year's Eve . We headed to the Mrs' Mum's home to spend some TLC time with the in-laws . Still felt ill but what a great vibe to see the New Year in with Loved ones and to be for once sober . Wish my side of the Family were there too. Lots of well wishers texting;Fantastic Fireworks of all shapes & sizes watched whilst we sipped pink champagne....Ahhh La Dolce Vita . 2008 shall be a good year me thinks , especially with God's Grace . Adieu 2007 ,thanks for the Beautiful Wedding & Love and here we come the New Year !!!

3 days to go and still lots to do ....hope my illness does nt get in the way . Gott nytt år x