Monday, 7 June 2010

Alistair Is Triumphant In Triathlon Charity Campaign

WOW ! What a monumental week-end! Whilst I was planning a must laid back picnic in Hyde Park with Friends and Family this last Saturday my business partner: Alistair, was successfully finishing a 2.9km run after a 400m swim & a 13.2 km Bike ride at Blenheim Palace . 3 weeks training and still nursing a cold he managed to finish a commendable 124th out of 250. "Next year I'll train for longer", said Al in great spirits to his Dad at the finish.

Not only did he finish but he was running to raise money for a charity in Zimbabwe which his mother-in-law is involved with. He has raised over £1200. We are all very proud of him. Nice one Mate !!!!