Saturday, 2 April 2011

Gordon Ramsey's Maze - Chef's table withWestfield

On Thursday we decided to celebrate with lovely clients from Westfield after successfully implementing a series of Prize winner concierge rewards & incentives programmes over the last 3 months. To my pleasant surprise, because of the great business we give them, we were treated by Catherine and the Gordon Ramsey Holdings Group to a most veritable meal on the Chef's table hosted by Head Chef & top man Alex Marks . We were spoilt by being treated to a tasting menu that was out of this world. I dine most luxuriously but the service, kitchen vista and most importantly the portions & food blew my mind. Also seeing my old friend Jonas back at Ramsey in the role of Maitre D' almost brought a tear to my eye. Whatever anyone says about Mr Ramsey, his influence, Godfather-esque love for food & staff have made his restaurants a travellers destination that should make all the Brits proud. Time to praise greatness as it should be praised!

England V Ghana Wembley triumph with Fashion Genius Ozwald Boateng

WOW! What an experience! What an awesome vibe! Big up and respect to our West African neighbours Ghana for their productive, professional and skillfull determination to snatch a draw from the teeth of defeat. I went to this awe inspiring game with the British Ghanian Bespoke Couture Fashion Designer Ozwald Boateng and his son. As we are working on Fashion Experience Events for Private Clients at his flagship store in Savile Row, it was a good opportunity to bond and enjoy the game. To our pleasant surprise it turned out to be one of the best football games either of us had ever been to. The atmosphere, the singing jubilant Ghanians, the beautiful colours and sheer audacity of the Black Stars to come back to draw in Wembley from being 1-0 down; was a once in a lifetime experience. Bravo Ghana, bravo English fans, bravo Wembley and bravo Ozwald for continuing to fly the flag for us Nubian Warriors!