Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stag Do With Style - Amsterdam The Magnificent 7

'Dam- I love this City!

Almost Bullseye

Les Guerillas

La bon viveur
Les Amis De Chats Extrordinaire

Le Stag

Chilling like Jay Z .....

Last week-end I hosted a superior quality Stag do week-end in Amsterdam. I wasn't sure what the coo would be but was pleasantly surprised when my Client took me aside on the Private Jet ,as he handed me a glass of Champagne, and said,"Baba, we not going to Amsterdam to F*%k Prostitutes, we go for fun & action". Typical French: style and panache with no mincing of words...... what an hounour to be in this league of extra-ordinary kats. Humility and power
are a most infectious concoction !
That's how our adventure began: Freefall simulators in Wind Tunnels Milton Keynes then a Helicopter transfer to a Citation Excel Cessna Private Jet that whisked us off to Amsterdam (Funny how much of the traffic on the seas and land you see at 17,000 Ft) in 30 mins from Stanstead. Wow what a whistle stop week-end we had......Shooting MAGNUM .44s, Gloch 9s and long range rifles - I did pretty well for a lover not a fighter. Friday we stayed at the Art Deco Hotel Amrath then Dinner at BO5 onward bound to Jimmy Choo. Lucky I wasn't drinking as this was a fastrack affair moving at break neck speed. Late to bed and early to rise as our 1st excursion was Paintballing in the countryside of Netherlands which turned out to be their favourite adventure. With due haste we had lunch as they jumped into their Go-Karts and sped off on to trails befitting any F1 specialists. Phew - I was exhausted just watching as I made a conference call to the Nigerian High Commission. Agenda : Nigeria At 50 . No time to rest as sleeping is for cats we boosted back to the Hotel driven by Burt in the super luxury Merc for a massage & men's facial treatment. Mmmmm ....smelt divine although I only had time for a dip in the pool.

What a feeling making people happy ....wouldn't give it up for the world! After this we batted on to an early starting Supperclub which turned out to be enchanting. Could have done with more shows although the food was a culinary delight.
After the 4 bottles of Grand Cru Montrachets and a few cocktails these league of extraordinary kats were pooped:leaving moi & 2 of the last men standing to return at 5 am from a Club called "Escape"....couldn't wait! Big up to our man Michael in Amsterdam who helped set up this seemless campaign.
To my delight the next morning we went on a VIP Tour of this fine City guided by expert Evert who took us across town from Anne Frank's last abode, trhough the Red Light discritc ( not a pretty sight at 11 am) then culminating in a 2 hour tour of the the Van Gogh Museum: Genius as was his brother Theo!
Put your hands up for the 'Dam - we love this city !!!!!
Jum Jet Johnny