Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sunday Roast With The Grahams

Forget Fashion week........ too busy! Funny this Feb I have had little interest in all the fuss. Heard Vivienne Westwood & Betty Jackson's Shows where great though. No revenue stream for us this time so no interest! Still in bits, we (well done Pumita) dragged ourselves out of bed to be picked up by Daniel heading for Redbourne to have lunch with Jane, Alistair, Maisie & the delightful Annie. Glad we did!!!!! So much fun with the Kids..... have to have spend more time out of the office with the team. HERTFORDSHIRE IS NT SO FAR AFTER ALL...XXXX

Carnival Party In Barons Court

After the funky Friday I was in bits. Too much Gavi De Gavi compliments of my Cousin Koya sent me spiralling home chaparoned by my fine Wife... Thanks You! Sunny Saturday was no good to me as I spent most of the day on the settee feeling very sorry for myself. Saw a great Rock Hudson & George Peppard WWII film called Tobruk which helped soften the pain. That eve we had been invited to a dear Friend's Fancy Dress Carnival Party in Baron's Court. Knackered but excited I am glad I mustered the energy to go. WOW we had so much fun; the outfits were outrages, the Caiparinhas were to die for and the company was awesome. What larks we had..... I went as Pele which the night became Roma's Julio Baptista (COME ON ARSENAL) due to my large frame! Does nt my wife look gorgeous!