Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Casino Experience

Ohhhh to be in Las Vegas . Rainy days were made for this . Ever wanted to learn how to play Texas Hold'em/Poker without losing your shirt?Well that s what we organised for one of our Finance Clients last night.THEY LOVED IT!Take one of london's best restaurants : Shanghai Blues , bring in a roulette table, a blackjack table & a 10 seater poker table along with Floor Mangers & Croupiers from Monaco who have diced withthe likes of Kerry Packer(RIP) and hey presto you have the ultimate edutainment experience for your team , b2b or clients. I want to do another one soon :-)

JasonMraz Gig

Monday night without my Beau (chilling at esvive in ibiza) I received a pleasant call from my Friend Sacha ( Musicial genius & co-writer of many a fine tune including James Blunt's "You re beautiful") saying that a singer called Jason Mraz whom he written a couple of songs for is playing at Sheperd's Bush .Did I want to come to the gig?Does it rain in July ....BIGTIME.Did nt know what to expect.The place was packed & it was only the 1st act ... a lady called Dawn who apparently was a smash at Glastonbury . Pretty kool ...nice click & lush voice. A couple of ciders later in VIP then on he came : Awwwwwesome .A mix between Jack Johnson & Stevie Wonder with a flava flav mix . Crazy I know but what a voice .James Morrison rocked up on stage for a couple of songs as well. Jason Mraz seems to have a good following already - worth buying tickets for his gig at the Albert Hall on 23rd September .Going to be a smash.... - Check it out !