Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Jay Z ,Bungalow 8 & Farnborough Airshow

Friday night I went for a great Birthday Dinner at Hawksmoore Restaurant off Shoreditch ...WoW - The streaks are awesome there .Bloated took the crew to Bungalow 8 ...Buzzing . Jay Z was there with admirers & friends alike.Of course he looks bigger on TV but what a Guy - can t knock him - King Of The Slash/Slash/Slash generation & minted as well. Quite right too .....! Saturday was at 1st a blur but by the time we arrived at the Farnborough Airshow with the earpopping roar of engines that was soon blasted out. What an experience - the A380 looked safer than I previously presumed & much more agile.The Red Arrows were as tight and slick as ever;the stealth bombers as menacing or quiet as ever ; as VIP HOSPITALITY Guests we enjoyed - Thank you FIVE HOSPITALITY for all the love ,food & tour of Bae systems .Great to find out that the Wright Brothers were nt alone in their great success - they were helped by Paul Lawrence Dunbar ( An African American ) .....Yeah! Summising it was quite a Surreal experience: whilst being an Arms dealers paradise ( I sure £100s of millions of deals were handshaken in the week ) , it was also a great day out for the kids save the fumes . Funny what kind of Event one can throw with over £30 million pounds in your budget ...... :-)