Thursday, 21 July 2011

Prague, Czech Republic Fam Trip - July 2011

Les Gens Que J'aime....

Praha Spires

Mr Policeman

Pilsen Beer Factory

Pilsen Cathedral

Pilsner Urquell Beer Man

Prague loves Jazz - Nat King Cole

Smetana Municipal Music Hall

Bloody Marionnettes

King Charles IV & one of his wives ....

We thank God!

River Vltava runs through

Astronomical Clock

Pilsen Beer Master aka Clint Eastwood

On my 1st Familiarisation Trip ( When you are invited to a City by their Government or Bureau interested in winning your business) I was invited to Prague or should I say Praha in the Czech Republic. Being a Fam Trip Virgin I was slightly coy as I had not even been to the Czech Republic & I wasn't familiar with the currency or language they spoke. Eureka I thought, that alone is a great reason to go!

I was invited by the radiant Jitka from the Prague Convention Bureau on the 14th-17th July, to come and see for myself what the city had to offer for all friends & clients alike. So I went! To be honest is it was a harduous fast paced program ( no such thing as a free lunch); but WOW it most productive. This City of a 1000 Spies, oh I mean Spires, is a most enchanting, culturally alluring and musically enhanced centre of excellence. I was impressed by their all round cordiality & style of the people. Seemingly in another world it is only a pleasant 1 1/2 hrs flight from London.

A great place for a romantic gate-away or a corporate conference/meeting. Almost in the centre of the Czech Republic it boasts a most varied array of culinary delights & culture for sightseers & adventurers alike. Like for instance most sees are the Prague Castle, Old Town, Jazz music cruise on the River Vltava, Charles bridge & the Municipal Music Hall dedicated to Czech composer Smetana & where Italian Musical Genius Ennio Morricone was conducting during 2 evenings of our stay. The Hotels are world class, Jazz was magical & the nightlife interesting!

The local food was surprisingly delicious. Czech wine is highly recommended & of course the Pilsner beer is better than liquid gold!!!!

Thank you Lenka, Jitka, Martina & the Prague Convention Bureau for the trip. Also Děkuji for introducing me to such a lively and diverse group of fellow campers. Babydoll Elisa, Gargantuan Gary, Romeo Bralte, Groucho Kim, Ever prepared Glyn, Que Sera Sera Monique, La Douche Marrianne, Fine Wines Lionel & Secret Agent Anthony - what larks we had!!!!

Look forward to doing some biz & seeing you again mes amis........Na zdraví!

Jazz at Reduta