Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The British Museum Presents The Kingdom Of Ife Exhibits

After a sumptuous lunch with the Family I spent last Sunday in the sun with my beau Estefania and my other love my niece Ibiene. We went to the British Museum to checkout the Kingdon Of Ife Exhibition of Sculptures. Very interesting to see the wealth of culture and creativity that dates back more than 1000 years comparable to some of the most pronounced European Cultures.

It is a must see for any Africans in diaspora ....take the kids! Actually it's great for anyone interested in beautiful Culutures, Art, Craft & History.


Strange it was sponsored by Santander though..... come on guys!!

Sadhguru Hosts Client Event At Asia House In Mayfair

Last Thursday we organised an interesting Event at Asia House in Mayfair for some adorable Clients. It was hosted by an Indian Yogi called Sadhguru whose sole purpose on this occassion , it seems, was to confuse us about the meaning of life in the 21st Century.

As fascinating as his talk was I couldn't help feeling I had heard it before somewhere..... my take away from this was a feeling of Anti-Retro. Look forward and forge ahead honestly & creatively without yearning for the past but focusing on the present as well as the future! Nice one .....

What interested me equally was the fact that one of his sponsors had apparently lent him a Maybach to run around town in. Mmmmm..... nice life non?

No jokes aside: kind man who does good things for all creeds and colours across the globe.

Checkout his book "Flowers On The Path"

Thank you Guru!!

See Sadhguru in action below :