Friday, 15 November 2013

Casa Negra

On Thursday 7th November, EMC3 travelled to the East end to visit a Mexican neighbourhood restaurant, hidden away in the heart of Shoreditch. ‘Mexican neighbourhood restaurant’ however gives little credit to the true atmosphere and flavour hidden behind Casa Negra’s doors...


As you enter, you are warmly greeted into a quaint reception. Your senses are immediately heightened with the smell of great food and the sound of music just beyond the main doors. The main space is very well planned with quirky but cosy casual seating and an eye-catching Mexican beach bar located at the far end. An extensive cocktail menu will keep you on your toes all night, with tequila being the main ingredient. No need to worry if your favourite cocktail is not on the list, as I found out, the barmen are willing to concoct anything you ask with the ingredients at hand. A larger room with more dining tables is located just to the left of the bar, leading round to the kitchen and the kitchen table, Casa Negra’s semi-private dining room.

The kitchen table is located right in front of the open kitchen, and is sectioned off from the restaurant; creating a unique feeling of dining in one of Mexico’s ever popular and growing pop-up home restaurants. The table can seat up to 18 people and is a fantastic room for small dinner parties, company lunch meetings or large family get-togethers.


Little would it be known to the unsuspecting diner what lies beneath Casa Negra’s floorboards. The Playroom, best described as ‘a tequila-fuelled Mexican dancing den’, has a fantastic atmosphere, creatively decorated with piñatas and toys, all hanging from the ceiling. Dotted around the outside of the room are the playroom booths, which are all decorated exceptionally; they offer a great area for dining/drinks, and are positioned so that they do not stand out when empty, but give enough privacy when being used – a great touch to a fun room.

The Playroom is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, 7pm until late with a DJ from 10pm to 2am (times varying slightly depending on the night). The Playroom is also available for private hire, so if you haven’t thought about where to celebrate the season’s end, or thinking about the next party, let us know! After all, it would be a struggle not to enjoy yourself at this fantastic place.


Overall, Casa Negra is a vibrant, fun and flamboyant place. We truly enjoyed our time at Casa Negra, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great night out!
written by Max Worsley