Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Linked In Sports Day By Stephanie Utting

Emc3 Teamed up with Linkedin

We took Linked in, out of the workspace in order to make some ‘old school’ memories together. Through sending out school geometry sets and work books as invites to employees an event was created to take workers back to the fun days of school where there was nothing in the world to worry about apart from being in the winning team at sports day!

With some perfect September weather creating the beautiful backdrop in Hyde Park, the event successfully took place by the Lido Cafe – Bar and Terrace overlooking the river. Sports races took place including the old favourites: tug of war, welly throwing, sack races, egg and spoon as well as the new caterpillar races! A delicious BBQ by the Lido Cafe was served as a well deserved break to the guests and a free bar is always appreciated! Thanks to Nasreen.... and good luck with the new baby.