Thursday, 8 July 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Tickets - Sign Of The Times !

I am so proud of what SA is doing to dispel all those arsey critisizers that prior to the games said " Oh it's going to be so dangerous, it's going to be a mess". Well up your Vuvuzela is what I say!

It is also a big shame that due to the world economic climate Clients cannot be seen to be taking gifts from their Suppliers especially when it comes to tickets and hospitality for the World Cup.

So it saddened me when a lovely Client called me earlier this week and said due to her Boss's work commitments and the lack of their Customers willing to take up the Full Flight & Hospitality Packages they had on offfer 6 x VIP World Cup Tickets & Full Hospitality Packages worth $5,000 each needed to be sold.

When I advertised them with "Les Gens Que J'Aime", you can imagine what kind of interesting offers I was getting. Due to time decay and the tickets being here with me in Blighty I will have to bulk and sell them at a fraction of their true worth so at least my Client gets something back.

Oh well C'est la vie! A sign of the times we live in - perculiar but sweet: One man's poison is another man's remedy..........who ever gets these tickets is one lucky duck!

Come on Holland!!!!