Tuesday, 10 June 2008

PACK PACK HURRY HURRY FOOTBALL & Barcelona here I come ....

Well well well ....are the teams doing well in the Euro 08 . Portugal, Holland now Spain .... some say what about the Germans . It s all open but my bet s on Portugal. Go with the Gods :-)

Meanwhile Event on India yesterday , Conference to plan in Barcelona for Feb 09 : flying tomorrow till Friday not to talk of a Green Yacht Party for May 2009 . An Lifestyle Enhancer´s job is never done... Ali's on the Summer Barbie agen - oh lala EA s launching a new game next month - got to get it right . Back next week to 3 events & a conference . Must nt forget Father´s day on Sunday . GO Sverige ....show us you re not just a 2 man team with Larsson & Zlatan . Where are the Masai warriors when we need them x