Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bacanal @ Supperclub

Last Friday a good creative friend from Google and I decided to throw a Murder Mystery dinner which went down as a roaring success. The next day ( on a Saturday afternoon I may add) he asked me to join him at a luncheon party thrown by one of his growing army of protégés. It is an interesting movement lunch of like minded aspirational twenty/thirty somethings that transpires once a month in some of London's most lush venues. I was happy to say this event was at a fly venue near my yard and close to my heart: Supperclub restaurant & club http://www.supperclub.com/html/london/experience/people/djs/ partly owned and run by the Italian stallion Albi and musically directed by the genius that is DJ Femi Fem.

The theme was Alpine ski. Refreshing to say the 150 strong ski googles clad crowd ( By invitation only) felt like a family under one roof, were stylish, outgoing and interesting. Fireaters, Jugglers, Holu Hoopers, Drummers, Super DJs, Podium Dancers made up an allurring and dazzling ensemble of entertainers & performers that reminded me of emc3 events.

More grease to your elbow Nicky of Bacanal http://www.bacanal.co.uk/ ! With such an attractive tribe I am sure we can find a brand fit sponsor to help all our causes....reminds me of what the swinging 60's could have been like without the drugs!
Watch this space ;-}