Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sleeping Beauty At The Coliseum

2 weeks ago I promised my Wife and my Niece that I would take them to a Ballet or Opera. As I had never been to the Ballet - which is the best ballet to pop one's cherry on? SLEEPING BEAUTY. What elegance? What finesse? What strength? What stamina?English National Ballet in Kenneth MacMillan's 'Sleeping Beauty' and it's everything you could wish a classical ballet to be: a beautiful production with lavish sets and costumes, full orchestra, a stage-full of pristine dancers, heart-stopping moments (like the precarious balances in the Rose Adagio) and underneath all those trimmings, some sterling choreography.

Tchaikovsky’s glorious music and MacMillan’s classical choreography reawaken the magic of the world’s favourite fairy tale in an enchanted world of castles and curses, forests and fairies. At Princess Aurora’s christening, fairies bestowed her with gifts of beauty, temperament, purity, joy, wit and generosity. The wicked Fairy Carabosse put a curse on Aurora; to prick her finger and die on her 16th birthday.

The beautiful and kind Lilac Fairy cast a spell to counter the curse so that instead of dying Aurora fell asleep for a hundred years. Only the touch of true love’s kiss could awaken her and undo the evil spell…..... Takanhashi as Sleeping Beauty was divine.Will definately go again!

Dinner at Buka Nigerian Restau & Bungalow 8

After a night like Thursday I needed to re-balance my body's nourishment.So with my Russian (Musician) , Greek ( Lawyer,don't mention the riots), South African (Luxury Travel Agent) & Essex (Supermodel) Friends, we decided to sample the culinary delights of Nigerian delicacies. We meet up once a month to catch up on our loves,lives and swap buiness ideas and strategies.Pounded yam, efo ero, jollof rice, tilapia fish pepper soups and assorted meats. Mmmmm....... the pepper wqas sooooooo wholesome washed down with Star beer. I know there are better Nigerian restaurants in London but I still love the music and atmosphere of Buka,Faze 2 in Kilburn.
Decided on a full stomach to meet the Mrs and cousins at Bungalow 8 for a shakedown of all that fine food! Who did we bump into? The one & onlyPearl Van Den Ende and here jovial Friends. Great night mes Amis x

Thursday's Heaven & Hell Party In Guildford

Well done to Alistair, Sarah & Pearl for putting together an awesome Heaven & Hell Party last Thursday in Guildford at the beautiful Mandolay Hotel ( Thanks as well to you Peyman, Julian, Kieron & all the Hotel staff) for one of our favourite Clients Marijka & the Super Team. Props, production and backdrops of Dante's Inferno and St
Michael's Pearly Gates.Looping splices of Manga Films, Angelheart,Bruce Almighty & Heaven can wait, Stairway to Heaven.Angels,Demons,Bad Santa(Hilarious),
Roulette tables, Blackjack, Confetti Cannons,Magicians,Masseuses,Vodka Luges, Chocolate Fountains and moi as the Ring Master. Wow what a spectacle! DJ Alex you know you have the tunes Baby .... x