And you ask why start with Espresso Martini? Well that’s an easy one… London is a fast city that never sleeps and the Espresso Martini provides that essential caffeine kick that is needed to keep up with London life!

After visiting numerous amazing venues and sampling some stunning Espresso Martini's the emc3 team takes great pride in revealing our competition winner:
1st Place: Rockwell Bar at The Trafalgar

Rockwell Bar is wonderfully relaxed and welcoming venue and is one of London’s hidden gems. Previously a bourbon bar Rockwell became famous in the capital for its amazing array of whiskies. But like all of London's best bars Rockwell has adapted to accommodate the cities changing tastes. Now Rockwell is serving some of London’s finest cocktails. Their fantastic team is producing some spectacularly imaginative takes on the classic cocktails that we all know and love. The mixologists attention to detail and flare in designing Rockwell's signature cocktails is simply incredible.  

Rockwell Bar’s signature Espresso Martini is something quite different to your classical option. Replacing vodka with both Havana Club White Rum and Gosling Dark Rum enhances the coffee flavour and adds sweet chocolatey notes. Rockwell's addition of a hazelnut syrup produces a beautifully sweet nuttiness. This is then counteracted with a shot of Espresso & a shot of Kahlua. This Espresso Martini is the perfect amalgamation of bitter sweet. The careful selection of premium ingredients marry together in perfect harmony creating what can only be described as London's Best Espresso Martini! 

The stunning cocktail is garnished with a hazelnut flavoured foam which is then toasted to produce a marvellously playful fluffy marshmallow topping. This Espresso Martini is served with a dark chocolate spoon and finished off with the traditional 3 coffee beans.
Who doesn't love a chocolate spoon?

Rockwell Bar’s signature Espresso Martini has everything; incredible flavour, contrasting textures and really embodies Rockwell's creative flare. Rockwell Bar's Head Bartender Andre Costa is a magician turning something simple into something exceptional. Next time you are in London it is of paramount importance that you that you visit the Trafalgar & sample London's Best Espresso Martini! 

The Results:
Appearance - 9/10
Flavour – 8.75/10
Garnish – 9.75/10
Creativity – 9.75/10
Price - 8/10
Atmosphere - 6/10 



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