Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday

Wow what a week-end ! On Friday .....
"Our challenge as we build & extend democracy is to ensure that our young people know where we come from,what we have done to break the shackles of oppression & how we pursued the journey to freedom & dignity for all.
We will fail our youth if we leave them in ignorance of what has given them the opportunities they now enjoy." NELSON MANDELA

What an inspiration MADIBA is . Such youthful& vibrant words in his years of frailty . The only African to condemn the Despot during these mad days . Eddy Grant,Queen,Investec,Soweto Gospel Choir ,Kunle & Amy Winehouse - Thank you as well for a once in a lifetime experience. How does one top that ?

Nowhere beats UK in the sun .......saturday was lazy day spent cycling around Regent's & Hyde Park with my Niece.Got to lose the pounds to fit into my bikini for Ibiza .Oh well at least till the Barbie this eve in Alex's Garden in Maida Vale. Maaaan I ain't a bad chef , or so I ve been told !

Pinch punch ,1st day of the month ......white rabbit ;-)

Viva Espana ....QUE EQUIPO! Maybe see you triumph again in SA in 2010 ?