Monday, 22 March 2010

France v England Rugby Week-end in Paris

I lucked out last Wednesday when a dear Friend and Daniel's Uncle called me and asked " What are you doing this week-end" As my beau is away I said "Not much, what's new?" He then went on to invite me to Paris to watch the France v England game. Being an avid rugger fan I couldnt really turn down this offer especially as it was pretty much paid for already. So without further ado I booked my Eurostar ticket ( ain't cheap last minute). I prepared myself for Gai Paris! "Allez Les Blancs" was to be my chant.

We were due to hook up with some of Roy's friends from France - specifically Francois Carrara

, his nephew Jean Baptiste and his kind Parents were our hosts. 10 English & 10 French Fans in the same melting pot....this was going to be interesting !

As I am on the wagon it was a tough from the off as our meeting point was to be at the mid-Pyrénées restaurant called L'Auberge Aveyronnaise , 40 rue Gabriel Lamé 75012 Paris in the 12th arrondissement in Cour St Emilion . Daniel , the fashionista that he is, chose to wear a shirt that was most similar to the restaurant's tablecloth ( See attached). Realising I was fighting a losing battle ( especially as the Poets were joining us - Group of Roy's Mates whose meetings are made up of reciting colourful poetry and supping at some of the most sumptuous restaurants in london - most notably Julie's in Holland Park) I bulked and decided to drink on that day for this special occasion . I knew as we were being hosted by Francois and the Frenchies it wasn't going to be binge session but a culinary experience. I was not disappointed as the choice of restaurant was spot on. Rustic ambience, fine light red wine, singing banter with the locals and a most delectable cheese & sausage meal called Aligot made up the body of a tremendous lunch. Thanks Dorian for the L'Aveyron Hat and warm hospitality!

Here is Dorian doing what he does best "Cheesing up our yummy meal.....mmmm!"

We were chaparoned by Francois and his merry band of friends to his tres gentil Parents house ( Chers Grandparents Carrara , merci pour votre hospitalité et couche. Envoyer mon meilleur aux poulets) and a whistle stop tour of bars, trains, buses & bistros. The great thing about rugby is the camaraderie & entente cordiale that is shown by hosts to guests from rival teams whether boy,girl, man or woman. If only football could take a leave out of rugger's book: the world would be a happier place!

It was my 1st time at Stade De France and even with the deluge of rain it was a most impressive experience. Shame England lost though if the truth be known the ref was biast in favour of our Gallic friends across the pond!

Allez le bleu et la entente cordiale !!!

PS Thanks Serge for the 1st class seat on the Eurostar train back :-)

Aura,Mayfair Soiree For EMC3 Founder Members & Friends

Last Friday 19th March with Alistair ill and Daniel already in Paris for the rugger I was left holding the baby on this one. I did get a pleasant surprise when by 6pm our Guestlist for the Founder Members & Friends Party had burgeoned to a staggering 350. The Club's capacity was 280 at best ....what were we goingto do?

Luckily the rain seemes to have detered about 40 % of our people so it was alright on the nite. After some Itsu noodles; I and some of the girls ( Sarah of Bournemouth and Isabel Of Boston) arrived ready, willing and able to throw a F**K off Party. Thanks to Alberto, Matt & Peter at Aura, Mayfair all cordialities & professionalisms were adhered to and maintained at a most superior level. Thanks Roxy & the Guys! The Caprioskas & Canapes went down a blast. Bankers, Moguls, Dancers, Fashionitas, Gamers, Students, Mystics and Funkters mixed and enjoyed. Seemed like a singles nite to me.

Having to catch a ride to Paris at the crack of a sparrows..... I ducked out early at 12am and left them to it. Apparently the party went on till late and was a raving success!

Nice one crew.... Picture to follow!