Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Emerald Faerie at the V&A Last Friday

The week we spent presenting/pitching and winning a large contract for a bi-annual Conference for a prominent US Business School. It was a long arduous week of site visits to some of London's most notable and distinguished landmarks eg Battersea Power Station, Royal Courts Of Justice, British Film Musuem, Natural History Museum, Grosvenor House & Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre to name but a few. Needless to say with such Monster Venues to see I missed one of the most beautiful rooms at one of the most beautiful venues - the Garden at the V&A. Well nobody's perfect ......luckily the Guys backed me up by showing it the next day to the lovely Clients from across the pond.

Luckily I was invited the next day to a Friday Late "Two is a pair" @ the V&A showcase which I hasten to add was free and open to all. An Artist/designer friend of mine , Emerald Faerie was premiering the film "Cinderella's Revenge-Layers of Interpretation", a 3 part colaboration with Film Director Catherine Walker......the film was inspired by shoes by Tony De Haviland & Chandeliers from Emerald Faerie.

I went with my good friend from Access Bank who too like to observe some of the finer things this world has to offer. Needless to say I was quite perplexed but entrique by what we call Art today. Although a bizarre evening it was somewhat beguling yet enriching.

We need more of these evenings made up of mesmirising twin djs, dancing ballerinas and butterflies with alternate wings ...... The V&A Garden was fab as well . Big up to you Queen Vicky for your love of Albert to build such edifices of Art & Culture!!!!