Monday, 30 March 2009

From Kiev With Love

Last week as we were preparing for a Client Event on Thursday I got a call from my man in Kiev Alan P. It was to do with a presentation we had put together in January to a Ukrainian Oligach call Yuri on the subject of Events & Concierge in Kiev. They had had a luncheon and after 3 or 4 bottles of Vodka Yuri demanded to meet me. So I got the "CALL"...."Baba, we 're on- Yuri wants to meet you. Can we book you a flight for tomorrow am from Gatwick to Kiev to discuss our plans, face to face?" Mmmmm..... a Anglo-Ukrainian-Russian Axis in entertainment. Took me a New York minute to respond." "Pay my expenses and I 'm there, I reponded." One thing I ve learnt through the years is that if people are serious they'll put their money where their mouths are and you ve got to be ready to move. Friday am and I 'm on my way to the airport in a suit with brochures and a brain teeming with great designs and plans. Wow was I treated royally, VIP escort off the plan to terminal C; car waiting and zipped off to a superfly apartment hosted by my man Alan P. 14 Bars & Nightclubs, 4 restaurants, 3 churches,2 cafes and lots of loud music made up my 2 day tour of Kiev. The Danish/Ukrainian/Rusiian/English & Nigerian Magnificent 7 was a charmed group of extraordinary gentlemen I got to hang with. 72 hours later we have our plan to set up EMC3 Entertainment 1st in Ukrain then Russia. Always need a USP for such monster moves and we now have it!!!! 14 hours of sleep was needed on my return. This is the year of the Privateer!!! Bring it on!!! To top it all on the way back I was on the Flight with the Under 21 Ukrainian Football team - Come on England!!