Friday, 28 November 2014

emc3's evening at ME Hotel

STK at ME Hotel 

On Thursday last week the emc3 team were treated to what was a fantastic evening by the ME Hotel, London. Having recently organised the LinkedIn Sales Connect event at the venue and often taking clients for site visits we already had knowledge of the modern and versatile event spaces which can seat up 260 delegates. Therefore as soon as we arrived we were taken straight up to the rooftop Radio Bar, where we were greeted by the ME Hotel events team and welcomed with Champagne. It is not often that pretty much the entire emc3 team are able to come together for evenings out in London, so it was great to be together whilst taking some time out from all the hard work that goes on in the office.

The Radio Bar is located on the 10th floor of the ME Hotel and is accessible from an exclusive express lift. What makes the bar so unique is that it is the only rooftop bar, lounge and terrace on The Strand so you are confronted with stunning views of the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, Covent Garden and St Pauls Cathedral. Not only is the bar modern and buzzing with atmosphere on any night of the week, it can also be taken over exclusively for events which is where we hosted the after party for the Sales Connect conference this year.

Once we finished our drinks in the bar, we were then taken down to the ground floor to STK. As soon as you open the door the welcomed by friendly staff and what really stands out is the elegant décor. STK notably blends two concepts into one; the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge. The main feature of the space is the central lounge area which is beautifully furnished and then surrounded by an elevated dining room. We were lucky enough to be taken straight to sit down in the Private Dining room which can sit up to 28 guests so it is a great space for an exclusive dinner whether it’s for business or celebrations!

Throughout the evening both the food and drink was to perfection. The cocktails were delicious and flowing amongst the team so we felt extremely spoilt even before any food was put on the table. As the starter we enjoyed the seared scallops and the signature Lil BRGs (which I would highly recommend if you are ever to go)! As for the main almost all of the team the chose to enjoy the main attraction to the restaurant which is the steak. This was done to every individuals liking and then accompanied with any topping or sauce of our choice. The ME hotel then organised for this to come with other signature STK dishes such as parmesan truffle fries, fresh greens and lobster mac and cheese. All of the food was absolutely delicious and when we thought that we didn’t have any room left we were presented with the ‘Fairground attraction’ desert which was the most visually pleasing dessert I have ever had! This was a combination of mini ice cream, a hot chocolate drink, candy floss, marshmallows and doughnuts! See below an image of this colourful and delicious wheel of treats.

What really makes STK unique is the fact that there throughout the evening there is a DJ performing, creating an atmosphere which is charged with energy which would appeal to all ages and personalities. Another thing that we also learnt during our visit is that STK was the first steak restaurant that aimed to attract females, and with emc3 being a heavily female team this definitely showed. Although both our directors, Dan and Al, also said they thought both the food and atmosphere was superb so whether it is dinner with the family, friends or business colleagues you are bound to have a night to remember at STK!

Emc3 would like to say a HUGE thank you to ME London for treating us to such a lovely evening. For any enquires at the ME Hotel whether it is for conferences, exclusive dinner/parties or a private dining room please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02034683901. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ebola Education (Teach) International SOS - How we are fighting Ebola in Nigeria!!!

Last month in Lagos Nigeria we organised an event for our dear clients YPO Nigeria on understanding how to fight the nightmare virus Ebola.

This event was a success mostly due to clients International SOS and their specialist Medic Dr Simon Mardel!

See their video that is now saving lives across Africa:


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

iPILOT experience

emc3’s Imogen, Kylie, Anita and Aisha had the pleasure of visiting the iPILOT experience at Westfield’s London. iPILOT is a fantastic flight simulator experience that gives you the opportunity to take off from a choice of 24,000 airports and sail through the skies under the guidance of a real pilot. Stepping into the enclosed cockpit, the surroundings are so realistic that professional pilots actually train in them. For more info please see the iPILOT website:

We would definitely recommend iPILOT if you're looking for a new and exciting experience! For any bookings related to iPILOT please contact Aisha Rigley at 
or by calling 0203 468 3908.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Site Visit - Shangri La, The Shard

The Shangri-La in London is not only the hotels first property in the UK, but is also housed in the tallest and most iconic building, The Shard. Not long after it opened, the EMC3 team were given the exciting opportunity to visit the hotel to see how we could use the spaces for future events.

From the moment we walked into the front reception we felt the elegance and Chinese twist to the hotel, and immediately felt at distance from the bustling streets just on its door steps. A couple of members of the team said how the atmosphere reminded them of the Shangri-La in Shanghai! We were then taken up to the hotel itself, floors 34-52, and it is then that we were open to the floor to ceiling windows that showcase the breath-taking views over the vibrant city of London.

After a tour of the hotels main facilities we were then to learn that not only does the hotel have 202 beautiful bedrooms and exquisite dining facilities, but also state-of-the-art and purpose built function spaces.


We were then taken up to the three rooms; Ren, Li and Yi which are named after the first three of five constant virtues of Confucianism. All of the event spaces are on the same level, with a large and spacious marble floor as the foyer. Immediately from viewing the spaces we realised that the spaces could cater for our client events whether it's for a private dinner, drinks reception, conference, or a smaller and more intimate meeting.

 Ren is the largest private room, with reception space for up to 140 guests. Li is perfect for a group dinner of up to 30 guests so we thought it would be great to use as a private dining experience. And finally, Yi offers an intimate boardroom setting for 10 guests or can be used for a reception of up to 20 guests. All three rooms shared the same unique décor with the Chinese touches and included the advantage of the buildings glass structure, looking out onto London’s main attractions.


On the whole the hotel not only offers a perfect getaway from the hectic city, but it also gives you a real sense of exclusivity as you are hidden in the most talked about building in London. It is ideal for smaller scale events, and whether it's for business or Social gatherings you will be taken back by the general Asian-inspired atmosphere to the hotel. We will definitely be recommending this new venue to our clients for future events!

If you have a personal enquiry then please do not hesitate to contact our senior events manager, Stephanie Utting on 020 3468 3902.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Africa Centre Summer Festival - Covent Garden, London

A beautifully enchanting day that celebrated all things positive from Africa through culture, colour, languages, diversity, music, performers, dancers, storytellers, textiles, fabrics, fashion, art, culture and food produced by EMC3 for the phenomenon and vision that is the Africa Centre!

See our video -

See Blanck Digital's write up -

Friday, 1 August 2014

Madrid FAM Trip

From July 11th - 13th 2014, emc3's Imogen and Aisha had the pleasure of visiting Madrid on a FAM trip organised by Hotel Auditorium. The trip was a great opportunity to visit Madrid and experience it's latest offers in events, restaurants, nightlife and activities. 

Friday July 11th

  • Transfer to the city centre to experience Madrid at night. Our first stop was a terrace bar overlooking the Cibeles Palace, one of the most prominent buildings in Madrid. At night the building is exceptionally stunning with it's boasting uplight arches, a perfect spot for a casual yet romantic night cap. Next we visited Circulo de Bellas Artes, a very famous gallery that has a terrace bar overlooking the city of Madrid. On the 7th floor, this gave some spectacular views of the city lights.

 The Cibeles Palace at night

Saturday July 12th
  •        Lunch at La Cheminée Restaurant. For our lunch here we enjoyed an array of traditional Spanish food out in the sun on the terrace, which of course included a delicious Paella. Spain's signature dish of rice cooked in saffron with either chicken and/or seafood, vegetables and topped of with a lemon garnish!
  •          Drive Tour with Go-Cars. We toured the city enjoying the afternoon sun in our little 3-wheeled cars. Each car is fitted with speakers that give explanations of each destination you drive past. This is definitely one of the best ways to see Madrid in all its glory.
  •          Dinner at Cafe de Oriente Restaurant. An excellent traditional restaurant where we devoured an amazing 4-course dinner including strawberry gazpacho for starter, Panfried hake with oyster mushrooms, gammon pork cured with chorizo spices with melted cheese and boiled potatoes, and a giant profiterole for dessert. 

Go-Cars Around Madrid City Centre

Sunday July 13th
  •         Walking tour around the historic parts of Madrid.
  •          Lunch at La Posada de la Villa Restaurant. Another great traditional restaurant, famous for its succulent lamb.
 Beautiful architecture in Madrid

All in all, it was an informative and fantastic trip, getting to know the city better and understanding the latest developments in Madrid's event industry. For any event enquiries to Madrid please contact, Ellen Lai at or by calling 0203 468 3901. 

by Aisha Rigley

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Richard Coker-Enahoro: “Life, death & the legacy of a filmmaker with sickle cell anaemia”

Richard Coker-Enahoro was born in Lagos to media royalty and legendary TV personalities Miss Julie Coker and Michael Enahoro, on 17th May 1972, who at the time were lauded as Nigeria’s married response to Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.

 Miss Julie Coker's Album Cover 1967

Miss Julie Coker wins a Lifetime Journalism Award 2014 

Both loving parents were unaware that they were carriers of the Sickle Cell Disease trait; so sadly Richard was born with the inherited condition of the red blood cells. The most severe form of this disorder is known as Sickle Cell Anaemia. Other disorders include Cooley's anaemia, haemoglobin SC and haemoglobin SD disease.  Normal red blood cells are round like doughnuts, and they move through small blood tubes in the body to deliver oxygen. Sickle red blood cells become hard, sticky and sickle or crescent shaped. When these hard and pointed red cells go through the small blood tube, they clog blood flow and break apart. This can cause pain, tissue damage and a low blood count, or anaemia. Sickle cell disease is not contagious.

He was endearingly known to his friends and family alike as,“Richard the Lionheart” for his vision, tenacity, inner strength and loving heart. With his parents’ work mainly based in Nigeria: and due to his delicate disposition and constant need to go to hospitals to oxidise his blood, at 7 years young Richard moved to the UK to live with his dear Uncle and Aunty Dr Ben & Mrs Ibiene Epega and family where he attended the private preparatory Holmewood House School in Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.
 Richard & I at Cannes Film Festival 1995 
His parents’ talents in Media & TV was also in his every fibre of his being. In England his love for the Arts was nurtured and flourished especially in the subjects of English language, English literature, theatrical plays, cinematography and music. At the age of 14 he made his 1st Music Video and won the Artist of the Year Prize at his secondary school Mayfield College, Mayfield, East Sussex, England.

Mayfield College, East Sussex (Defunct)

Frequent returns to his parents in Nigeria further fuelled his love of the Arts. His excursions home did have an advantage, as a sickle cell disorder sufferer; he couldn’t contract malaria. Although an avid fan of sports and live entertainment Richard was forced to spend most of his early life in sick bays and the University College Hospital, London hospital wards due to his illness. Turning adversity to advantage he seized this opportunity and started writing scripts for short films and producing music videos for up and coming artists of all genres.

Seeing Richard had a talent for producing beauty through photography, cinematography and the written word; a lecturer from the National Film & Television School gave him a unique opportunity to attain a scholarship and study there for 3 years. Upon graduating he was snatched up by a prominent media company called Media Circus where he worked as a director and producer of short films & music videos.

The Richard Coker Foundation make a donation to St Peter's Faji Church, Lagos Island May 2014

His work took him numerous times to international film festivals including Cannes where he rubbed shoulders & conversed with the glitterati and talented including Sigourney Weaver, Dennis Hopper, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas & the Cohen Brothers.

The Richard Coker Foundation make donation to the Kinabuti Iniatiative (Project Makoko) May 2014 
On the cusp of international acclaim Richard’s illness slowly began to take full control of his life when in his late twenty’s he contracted leukaemia as an offshoot of his inherent Sickle Cell Disease. Leukaemia is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells called "blasts". Leukaemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases. In turn, it is part of the even broader group of diseases affecting the blood, bone marrow, and lymphoid system, which are all known as hematological neoplasms.
Although a treatable disease trough chemotherapymedical radiation therapyhormone treatments, or bone marrow transplant; although he fought it for over 2 years, Richard’s body relented to the attached on 29th May 2004,  2 weeks after his birthday in London.
The Richard Coker Foundation gives Alms to the Poor May 2014 

Aunty Julie Coker hands out Alms to the poor 

RCF Eye Clinic Patients , Lagos Island, May 2014 

RCF with Eye Clinic Doctor & Sister 
RCF hand over cheque to Kinabuti Initiative in the Guardian Newspaper 

RCF & Kinabuti Fashion Initiate donate in Makoko Village 

RCF make their way to Makoko Floating School 

Kinabuti Fashion Initiative on the way to Makoko Floating School 

RCF & Kinabuti on canoe to Makoko Village's Floating School 
RCF Aunty Julie surveys the floating village on the way to the school 

 Makoko Floating Village Kids
 Makoko Floating Village staple diet and sales of Oysters 
Makoko Village pre Rush Hour 
 Makoko Village Rush Hour looms 
Makoko Rush Hour in full flow 
His legacy lives on through the Richard Coker Foundation ( and  )  which is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise funds with specific regard to helping the underprivileged & aiding in the eradication of the Sickle Cell Anaemia Disease.  The foundation was established in late 2004 by his mother Miss Julie Coker, adoptive cousins Yewande, Baba-Jallah and Jay Jay Epega and many dear friends. 
RCF help people patiently waiting 
This story is about a lion in our midst whose life, although short, was not in vain as it has helped bring happiness to many and prolonged life to more than a few.

RCF donates to Genotype Foundation 

1. Eko o ni baje - Lagos will not spoil (Photos to show our city is improving thanks to the people & Gov. Fashola)

Here are some shots of parts & events in Lagos we found myself in over the last few months:

Office with a view over Onikan, Lagos Island 
 Lagos view in Victoria Island

Governor Fashola of Lagos State speaks at NBA Business Law Conference
Eko Atlantic......Watch this space! 
 The people's express - Keke Marwa Yellow Taxis
Keke Marwa on the move

 Keke Marwa passenger seat
Rush hour on Awolowo Road 
 Musicians dance at Eko Hotel

Lagos skyline from 1004 Flats in Victoria Island

Art 21 Gallery VI 
 Eleko Beach (60 Km from Victoria Island, which is no more an island) 

Entrance Gate to Eleko Beach 
View from the Yacht Club
 Lagos style
 The Wedding Singer.....
Sunrise jog......
Keke Maruwa Taxis ( Saviour of the working class)

Yellow House In Beautiful Osborne Foreshore Estate Ikoyi 
View from the Vanguard Newspaper window 
Boye Foworo's great work is Standard Chartered's New Office in VI 
 D'Banj sings at Nigeria Bar Association Business Law Conference
 Etisalat's Prize For Literature Awards
 Contestants dance at Miss Nigeria Event 
 General Guwon speaks at Damilola Taylor Foundation Event 
 Actresses at Ifoma Fafunwa's "Hear Word" Women's Lib Play 
 "Hear Word" Ladies stand their ground 
 Mandela smiles at Red Door Art Gallery VI 
 "Violinist plays" Nigerian sculpture at Red Door Gallery
Lagos island drift.....
 Cheers from Torres Brandy 
Life's a beach.....
Eko Hotel Pool 

The Army & Navy Club Lagos 
African Art 21 Event Afro Beat Band 

Clouds over Lagos 
YPO event hosted by Kinabuti Fashion produced by EMC3 

FCMB Team - Nigeria Stock Exchange 5km Race Against Cancer

Nike Art & The Venus Bushfires 

Random Benin Heads 

Youssou N'Dour sings at Etisalat Prize For Literature , VI 

Lagoon drift with friends! 

The King & I ( General Yakubu Gowon) 
Ex President Ernest Shonekan & I at Deputy High Commission(Behind us )'s Residence 
The World Is Yours......

Cargo on the Lagoon

The New Voice of Africa