Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Global Zero Nuclear Summit rules the world at The Savoy Hotel in June 2011

Global Zero Rules - Books not Nukes!



Last week we helped organise a wonderful Summit at the Savoy Hotel for some of the most cordial & forward thinking American Clients I have ever come across. The cause was to discuss the global disarmament of nuclear weapons.

We had some great brains involved including Dr Bruce Blair, Mr. Matthew Brown, Mr. Derek Johnson, Mr. Tom Hampson-Bellon, Rt. Hon Dr Hans Blix, Dr Jennifer Allen Simons, Rt Hon Magaret Beckett, HRH Queen Noor of Jordon, Baron Des Brown, Sir Malcolm Rifkin, Lawrence Bender, Ambassador Richard Burt, Ex CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson, Rt Hon. George Carey ( all blinged up), Air Marshal Ajit Bhavnani, Hon. Keiichiro Asao, Maj. Gen. Pavel Zolotarev & Mr Raymon Frankel to name but a few......

Here is how it was broken down:

100 International Leaders Launch Global Zero Campaign To Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Distinguished Group Developing Step-by-Step Plan for Phased, Verified Reductions to Zero Nuclear Weapons

Leaders Agree That Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Is Only Way To Stop Proliferation and That a Special Russia-U.S. Partnership is Needed

New Worldwide Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Getting To Zero Nuclear Weapons

One of the most interesting Summits I have ever had the honor of being part of.....

Keep flying the flag Derek, Caitlin, Holly, Shing, Galit, Drew, Trevor, John Michael & the GZ crew!

Pictures will follow - Thank you God!!!!