Monday, 1 December 2008

COSMIC CHARITY Ball At The Dorchester Hotel

All praises go to Luc Tomasino, Jodie Friedma, Chairman Dr Parviz Habibi for all your work done for the Charity "Children Of St Mary's Intensive Care" (COSMIC). OnSaturday my dear Wife and I were kindly invited to the Ball Of Balls, at the Dorchester Hotel for the Charity COSMIC. What a great cause helping research and innovation into childhood illnesses. We did our bit for Charity and met some very kind people. The School Choir was most enchanting and the Lion King Cast Dancers were awesome. Thank you Luc and very nice to meet Virginie. Checkout to learn more or make a donation. Thank you Guys.... shame I was still so ill x

Searching For Jimmy Choo

Let me rewind to earlier in the day.I had a quest set me-"Bring me the shoes of Jimmy Choo" - A most memerising Lady I had interviewed in Lagos for the UK Trade & Investments"Export Market Research Scheme" requested I give her a cost for a Fashion show oriented Birthday Party Hosted By non other than the Great Jimmy Lagos. So the day after I landed I went to visit Jimmy in his shop to find out if he would be interested in this request. The Lady has employed his services on previous occasions with 6 pairs of shoes to prove this. Show me what you can do for a 1000 Guests Baba...was her request.Even in these adverse times: Thanks to the Developed World's Banks insistance that Developing Countries & their Induividuals be given no credit when making large purchases: many Nigerians, whom have made large cash payments to buys houses and keep sovent, have little or no debts and are now cash rich. What a funny world non? One man's poison is another man's elixir! Or Lady's in this case. Along the way I ran into my Vicar who was hosting the "Turning On Of The Lights" in our local Parish. What wonderful voices x

Buddha Bar For Penne's Birthday & 1st Client Xmas Party

No sooner was I in England was I forced to go out 2 nights in a row. Thursday was my dear Friend and Client Aussie Penne's Bday Party. Which was most deftly organised and placed at Buddha Bar in Waterloo by Daniel Curtis. Good work fella.... met some new potential Clients as well as a good man for Concierge Content. No sooner did the cold hit my bones was I then struck down with the dreaded flu flying around Blighty at the moment!!8 days in Lagos Nigeria strong ...2 days in Londinium - sick. Knocked me out for 4 days....:-( Daniel had to do it all over again at Buddha Bar for our 1st Client Xmas Party on Friday - A Lifestyle Enhancer's job is never done :-)
Long may the season reign x