Sunday, 26 May 2013

London, Lagos, Abuja, Lagos, Abuja,Lagos, London drift.....

 Abuja by air 

 Abuja thanks to a dear friend.....Mr K 

The power base of our great nation 

Being back in Nigeria for the 3rd time this year setting up our EMC3 office here in Lagos is more of an affair of the heart than a chore. Like advise given on one's wedding day; I am savoring every moment of this action. It has been quite a surreal week being here in Africa. Whilst African Art is burgeoning in Europe with Bonham's record auction sales last week Wednesday proving our art is truly on the global map; 2 psychopathic idiots go and kill a poor father & soldier for doing his job of even protecting them.....RIP! 
Another sad point to raise is that now thousands of God fearing, hardworking and humble Nigerians of all the Abrahamic faiths will now be on the receiving end of hate and disdain in UK. As if its not hard enough.
Naija Art - No shame! 

Naija humour - Pedestrian Crossing 

Lagos coooool by Bello 

On the flip side coming back to Nigeria I am a witness to the ever increasing industrialism of our great country. We all know of the constant power-cuts, corruption, boko haram, kidnapping, sweltering heat and constant angst at the brazen chopping of the rotten politicians but alas in the sea of negativity I see an oil slick (most pertinent) developing and expanding. I use this analogy most directly because I feel that out of the laziness of our nation relying on Oil & Gas if we can re-direct funding to long term national investments into our sleeping magnificent resources like People, Agriculture & other Minerals we will at last see the much awaited growth of the middle class and some national development. This paired with naming and shaming corrupt politicians instead of lauding them in papers would be real progression.

Boko Haram Hunters in the North 

Jumping jack flashers in the South 

Radisson Blu by the Lagoon 

Lagos Motor Boat Club tranquil 

Our bludgeoned masterpiece in Abuja 

Protected at all costs 

Those of us that are here to repay our Mothers & Mothers Mothers for the education attained in Europe have daily constant reminders of how tough it is to be honest in a jungle of corruption. Where honesty & business ethics are seen as weaknesses how can a nation thrive? Where 2 men (President Goodluck & Governor Amaechi) pretty much from the same tribe are imploding not just their party but ultimately the nation can there be any progress? Where Fathers disown their own sons out of idiocy, pride or vanity can there be productivity? I still believe there can be. We should remember the United Kingdom through the Industrial Revolution almost 2 centuries ago where hardship, poverty, corruption, barbarism and power by might ruled the land, was there not progression. Yes it took 150 years, 2 World Wars and time true the Spanish Flu to reach this point and still no one is perfect. 

But also it took heroes like Jethro Tull, James Watt, The Chartists, Emmeline & Richard Pankhurst, Earl Grey, Gladstone, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham & of course William Wilberforce to name but a few to drive the world forward. And were they not ridiculed at some time in their lives as useless dreamers? 

Lately in Nigeria I see few heroes that could even tie the boots of Achebe (Buried this week RIP): 








IBB & Abdusalami


Margaret Ekpo







Sunny Ade




Is it not time for more heroes to emerge? Is it not time for us not to idolise worldly goods and strive for the betterment of Nigerians as a whole.

Let us not ridicule those who talk of doing good and put that into action whilst we hail greedy usurpers who are the nations enemies of progression!

Flying through Lagos to Abuja and back I have met and seen young hopefuls in Life and Fashion doing great things as Nigerians.

Okun Beachwear Fashion by Designer Bola Marquis (& MiMo's Jason Mycroft)

Cocktails by Bola
Beachwear by Bola (Okun) 

Fashion & style lives in Lagos.....

Temple Muse by Kabir Wadhwani 

 Ladies in waiting 

We have to allow smart women in our society to play more of a part in managing our country as not only are we under utilising over workforce but also they have managed to bring us all up pretty well so really its a no brainer.....

Whether white,brown or black we need to start working together like the Canaanites of old to produce that which we import and look in the mirror  to say "I am a Nigerian; what can I do to better myself & my community". Yes you may say I am dreaming but remember without dreams we would have not inventions, social reforms or democracies!