Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Vanessa Show - Jay Jay & Baba's 2 minutes of Fame ;-)

Catch us ...once again as guests on THE VANESSA SHOW -CHANNEL 5 Wednesday 20th April ->> we are joined this time by Daybreak's Kate Garraway ;> x
If you miss it watch again here :

Reena & Rufus's Vintage Shop - 50 Golborne Rd, Notting Hill Gate

If you are ever in the Notting Hill area for a tea, walk, checking out some art or shopping you would be at an advantage if you were to go up the Golborne rd to one of the most edgy but bargain finding clothes, art & furniture stores in London. My good friend Reena has successfully launched her shop in Notting Hill's trendy and developing centre of Golborne rd.

Worth a pop in....say Baba sent you ;-)

Murcia- San Javier-Mar Menor y La Manga

El Hombre Jose

Sideways Up

The Scuba

The Map
La Manga

The Chef Santi

The ease

Your Future

The Tuna that was.......

The rollerbalding drift

The Boys


There is a place in Southern Spain where the sea is beautiful, the beach is clean, the scuba diving is dazzling, the golf is teed up and the people are enchanting. It's only a couple of hours away from London even by Easyjet and yet not a lot of people know that! It is Murcia, not just the city but also the region. Great wine, awesome food and such kind people. My good friend Jose Miguel Palazon is a top lawyer in the region with all the business & municipal links you would ever need to rent, buy or visit the region. I was there last week-end to scuba, enjoy the company of good new friends and eat paella mariscos. We all know that Spain has it's own economic problems but that hasn't disheartened the raging bull spirit of this gallant people to enjoy life and show love.

Viva España y la Región de Murcia!!!!

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