Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Merchant Archive - Treasure Trove In Queen's Park

One of the great things about having a Stylist for a Wife is you'll always be on the front edge of fashion and what's new. Thanks to the Mrs we went on to meet some of her Friends that run what I would say is London's best kept fashionista secret shop. I was interested in the Boutique Dinner Experience. If you're into Vintage Clothes, Jessica McComack, Zambesi or the next new designer before they go mainstream you must visit this shop. From Goldfrapp, Sienna & Savannah Miller, Vogue Writers to Fashion Stylists....they are all guilty of keeping this place a secret. Well news is out now!!!! Worth a visit Ladies & Gents show your girls you know Fashion :-)
Merchant Archive is a vintage and contemporary lifestyle shop which has grown from modest beginnings into a hub for stylists, fashion, interior designers and celebrities alike.

This inspirational space was once a Lipton general store, and much of the original decor remains, allowing beautiful vintage gowns to sit against an industrial backdrop.

Owner Sophie Merchant's love of the fine detailing and quality of yesteryear is apparent in the pieces she sources.

Her belief that vintage works best when paired with clean-lined modern pieces brings an unexpected contemporary edge (see stockists).

Garments are displayed on and around furniture and objets d'art which are also for sale, allowing the space to constantly evolve.

Tucked away in a corner of Queen's Park, Merchant Archive is a treasure to be found.