Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Somethings you do for money but some things you do for love x

See URL for the Vitali V Fashion Show I MCed at

Backstage At The Ludacris Concert,Indigo O2

About 10 months ago I met a really kool gentlemen at a Client's Charity do in the city. Little did I know that our futures would become entwined producing Fashion Shows ( Vitali V ) and marketing campaigns . A few months later he made a passing comment that his nephew was a rapstar and he'd be coming to London soon. After some coaxing he divilged it was none other than the Superfly & Creative Christopher Bridges aka LUDACRIS . It is said if you get through the monsters to the top of any food chain you invariably find a really nice person. Well that's not always true. The whole team that backed Ludacris from DJ JC, Faith, Chaka to the 6'7" Bouncer called Viktor were genteel and inspirational. People can be kind and still professional when they want to be. It did help that thanks to Roberto we were hanging with the Superstars cousins so "Access All Areas" was a given. The Concert itself at Indigo,O2 was a treat. Old favourites like "Stand Up" and "Just Like That" got me jumping in my suit. He was so sweet....backstage all he wanted to do was speak to his Lady on the other side of the pond. We practically had to drag him to his own After Party at the Celeb haunt "Baroque" as all he wanted to do was go back to the hotel and have dinner. Glad we did manage to drag him out as it was a slamming night....luckily we didn't stay out too long either. All hail LUDACRIS for the pleasure he, Faith & DJ JC brought us all last night......Business link up worked out real good as well. Big thank you goes to Alvin and Boris at Baroque for another stomping nite x

A Day At Brands Hatch With Ulric Browne

It is aptly said " There's no rest for the wicked" . Wedll not so wicked but what a fast moving week-end. Literally...... we ( The Mrs, my Sister Publicist Jay Jay of and my Niece) were invited to Brands Hatch by Eastenders Ulric "Winston" Browne ( ) to watch his Friend Greg Thornton race in the Historical Grand Prix races . Wow how beautiful are vintage cars? The smells, the noise and the heartfelt rumble were an awesome sensation. Cars from the F1 Circuits of yesteryear. Very expensive hobby indeed. During the trails day Greg's main car's chassis cracked- to repair this was to cost £20,000. Although he had a great Sponsor M&G Group: he would still have to foot at least 50% of the bill himself. One day I shall join you Greg :-) Thanks again Ulric and Debs the good vibes........