Thursday, 3 July 2008

The World Revolves at 1,000 mph....

As the world revolves people are born , pay taxes , party & die . Those are the 4 things we can say we definately all have in common.Why does it still perplex me when those you have known and loved all your life suddenly turn and show you a side you never even know existed ? Maybe it s me - Confused from Nigeria via Marylebone .
Suppose we ll never really know . Murray's out & the Williams Sisters are still on fire . Going to be an exciting Men's & Women's Final at Wimbledon . Mmm I wonder if we ll get those VIP Final Tickets from our celebrity friend ?
Went on the magic round about tour that is Madame Tussaud's yesterday...reappraise the staff with the up to date facilities there for events from Parties to Award Ceremonies . Was nt that long ago we had one there.Thanks for the chmpagne Michael.It still freaks me out all those waxworks.Wonder what happens ther after lights out ? Will always love you jImI HeNdRiX +