Monday, 26 July 2010

Summer Party With The Twist July 2010

It's funny - just when you don't think you could meet any more nice people in Banking ;-) along come a Cluster to upset your preconceptions. This was true when I met a nice new Lady Client whom was looking for a Venue to throw a Summer Party for her Boss. Unfortunately due to sending out the wrong message a lot of Banks have slashed their Entertainment Budget. So this French client took it upon himself to spend c. £18 k of his own money to throw a party for his Wife's Birthday, Colleagues and Clients. I salute you Mr A! After Site visiting about 10 venues I finally stumbled on a gem of a venue called Royal College Of Physicians in Regent's Park. Awesome for conferences and Summer Parties alike. The staff, food & professionalism impeccable.
My Clients wanted something different with a cool twist..... So we devised not just a standard summer party but threw in some live music, superstar dj and dancers. The ingredients were mixed together and we concocted a winning formula. South African Braai, Champagne, Jamie Archer ( X Factor) singing, Femi Fem DJing and Patricia & the Brasillians dancing - I love my job! Just seeing people happy and enjoying themselves does a lot for the soul me thinks. So the day before I shot off to Egypt I threw this f**k off party that was deemed a noteable success! Thanks Celine, Jane & Antoine for the pleasure....see you soon x