Monday, 9 March 2009

Justinius The Great's 40th Birthday Party

Whilst the boys were throwing a great Party for in EA in Londinium I took flight to sunny Ruthin,Wales. We stayed in the 13th Century Ruthin Castle - so much history in the UK. The occassion was my good Friend Justin and his Mrs Lil's 40th Birthday Party. They were born 2 days mad is that? Great company, sumptuous food and lovely Family. Black tie do with all the trimmings. Also took a 3 hour hike onto the hills with Bobby to survey the land. Ahhh what a thrill! Legs are still aching. The Welsh are such nice people as well. Even had time to buy some prime beef from the local butcher which the Mrs & I had for dinner on Sunday....LUSH!
Boone chance with the move to Switzerland and see you Friday Bro! Thanks for an awesome time ......... +

EA Games Xmas Party

Because of the downturn in the last few months some Companies were forced to cancel their Xmas Parties. But some others just postponed and shrunk down their celebrations. The beloved EA Games are one of our Clients that still felt that their staff that where still in chair deserved some show of gratitude for their work. Alistair, Daniel & Jessica organised an awesome and well received Dinner Celebration at D&D's Quaglino's. Nice one Guys.....Clients were v. happy as well. Loving your work!!