Monday, 9 March 2009

Justinius The Great's 40th Birthday Party

Whilst the boys were throwing a great Party for in EA in Londinium I took flight to sunny Ruthin,Wales. We stayed in the 13th Century Ruthin Castle - so much history in the UK. The occassion was my good Friend Justin and his Mrs Lil's 40th Birthday Party. They were born 2 days mad is that? Great company, sumptuous food and lovely Family. Black tie do with all the trimmings. Also took a 3 hour hike onto the hills with Bobby to survey the land. Ahhh what a thrill! Legs are still aching. The Welsh are such nice people as well. Even had time to buy some prime beef from the local butcher which the Mrs & I had for dinner on Sunday....LUSH!
Boone chance with the move to Switzerland and see you Friday Bro! Thanks for an awesome time ......... +

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dinner speech Babs! Glad you enjoyed.....see you soon. J