Thursday, 11 September 2008

To Marriage & Love Scott and Estelle Maslen xx

EA Games Fun Day

What a wonderful life ?

Continued Experiences

What a mad last 2 weeks ......

Panaroma,Carnival,Majorca & A Family Day

Wow how time flies.Seems like only yesterday that I was sitting with my Beau & Friends in Hyde Park on a sunny saturday pm listening 12 different Bands having a picnic just before Canival for the Panorama Competition. Who did win ? Sunday we celebrated the marraige of our Indian Friend to his German Girlfriend. Then we were va va voom - we were of at "the crack of a sparrows fart" or early bird to the airport on our way to Sunny Majorca . Oh what a joy ! What fun we had swimming in the greeney blue crystal sea .The sun warming our souls & tickling our hearts. Thank you Sean & Trigger for a most delectable time on this island of bliss. A most luxurious Penthouse Flat & ehhhh nice Yacht Mate.
Returning back to Londinium was nt so bad .... refreshed , invigorated & inspired to bring joy & love to the World once again.Xmas looms with or without the crumch of Credit !
On our return fast week and Alistair ,Daniel , Pearl & Sarah(Welcome Aboard) organiseed a most splendiferous Fun Day at Birtley House ,Bramley Surrey for EA. Great work team...Me & the Mrs were invited to our good Friends Scott & Estelle Maslen's romantic Wedding at Brocket Hall . Beautiful people & lush grounds . The rain did nt put anyone off that day! With a 16 Piece Band , meeting Mr Big "My Name is Chris actually....", 1/2 the cast of Eastenders & a couple of Street Fighters - WOW what a Wedding .Shame Hello had an exclusive of the pictures :-( Long may your love last Mes Amis xx
Chacha Moon Restaurant - £3.50 for a dish ...that s a bargain - Alan Yau does it again . Bonne voyage mon ami Yemi Fowora with your trip back home to the Mother Land ! Hope you enjoyed Bungalow 8 when I left you chatting to Estelle the Singer "American Boy" .....Tuesdays are the new Thursdays ;-)