Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kitty Brucknell sings at Nordic Games We Sing Rock Event, Penthouse, No 1 Leicester Sq, London

Kitty at We Sing Rock

We helped launch Nordic Games We Sing Rock Game last week at Penthouse with X Factor's Kitty Brucknell. She's actually quite fab on stage! What a blast it was with the latest form of Karaoke style called Bandoke going down a storm. Congrats to Producers Wire Productions for the games which brought so much fun to all the 300 Guests on the night!

Any press is good press

See invite:

Great Clients , yummy food & fab venue ...... Looking forward to the next vid game :-)

For pictures!/wedancegame

Kitty Brucknell mises it up!

Red Hot Chili Peppers @ O2

O2 is the snizzle ....not only can you watch the ATP Tennis here but you can catch some of the best Rap Rock Bands in the world shake their toush whilst twanging away like Flea! Gosh I forgot how much I loooove this mad bad of Rock & Rappers!!!! Ahhhh takes me back to my salad days when I would sing & Luke would play the guitar as we serenaded some buxum beauties at the age of 17 . Thank you for the memories Guys!

Haven't been to the O2 lately then you must go.......!

Arik Air's 5th Anniversary Celebration in the Ballroom at Claridge's Hotel, London

One has to say in these times of cut backs, stringent budgets & failed airlines there is a beacon of light shining from Nigeria called Arik Airline . A fabulous example of great commerce coming out of my Motherland, triumphing against other International Airlines, too many to mention here, that wish to squeeze us out of this lucrative route & market. After 5 YEARS ARIK grows from strength to strength - Thank you Sir Joseph Arumeni-Johnson & most imporatntly the formidable team that include Simon Cook, Mooi Devine & many many others behind the scenes.
Great Event at Claridges Guys - only we could have bettered it!

Femi Kuti was awesome though.....
Flying to Nigeria or within soon then why not try our flagship airline - just bought new planes as well.

Go Arik Air - keep flying the flag for Nigerian enterprise!

London Fashion Week - September 2011

Wow! What a year of fashion this has been . Apparently this Autumn/Winter's colour is green. I was fortunate enough to get some Somerset House Fashion complimentary tickets in September so I decided to take my dear Aunty & Niece on 2 separate occassions. We saw lots of new designers & some very old. Definiately worth going to in Feb 2012!

But in the immortal words of Coco Chanel- “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”