Friday, 13 November 2009

Nigeria We Hail Thee.......

October was indeed a busy month with a visit to Lagos and the Motherland to see Family and check on the Island. Maaaaan Lagos is thriving - Ekop beckons and one must heed the call. Onwards and upwards Niger!!!!

Season by Wole Soyinka , b. 1934, from Idandre (Methuen 1967). As poet, playwright and essayist, Soyinka is a major force in African and world literature He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. Imprisoned in Nigeria in the 1960s and self-exiled in the 1990s, he continues to protest against oppression worldwide.

Rust is ripeness, rust
And the wilted corn-plume;
Pollen is mating-time when swallows
Weave a dance
Of feathered arrows
Thread corn-stalks in winged
Streaks of light. And, we loved to hear
Spliced phrases of the wind, to hear
Rasps in the field, where corn leaves
Pierce like bamboo slivers.
Now, garnerers we,
Awaiting rust on tassels, draw
Long shadows from the dusk, wreathe
Dry thatch in woodsmoke. Laden stalks
Ride the germ’s decay – we await
The promise of the rust.

Chilling in southern Spain with my man Alex......

Sometimes I do have to pinch my Mrs to believe that we are really alive and not just living in a dream. When we were invited for a week-end in Malaga with my good friend Alex B and his lovely girl Arum: this was one of those occassions. An Easy jet drift to 28 Degrees southern Spain and we were picked up by his chauffeur and driven to one of the most beautiful PHAT villas with a pool I had ever been to. And I 've been to a few. Furnished by his beautiful mother ( An ex-James Bond Girl) in Asianic and Buddahesque theme the house would make you drool with serenity. Only 4 of us went and this was just the ticket.....ahhh to chill.

Chilling by the pool on the barbecue eating fresh fish and jamon from heaven. The beach was super hot and the water chilled. The Margaritas flowed and the Paella was don. We took a few mountain walks and had one of the most enchanting long week-end I have had for a very long time.

Thanks dear Friend - hope the hip has healed. And Happy Birthday Muchacho.....hasta luego :-)

Diane Parish's Last Days Of Decadence Birthday Party

Last week-end I had the pleasure of planning a spectacular Birthday Party for the truly special and enchanting Eastenders Star that is Diane Parish. She chose to have it in the east-end ( funny that) at a fly but little know bar called Lane Bar in Osborne st at the bottom of brick lane. We had DJ Femi Fem on the decks strumming some old and cherished Rare Groove tunes . Also spinning some funky house tunes was Patsy Palmer who funnily enough does have some talent to be a DJ.....Mmmm watch this space. But it was Diane who took the biscuit as the Belle Of the Ball. She was so glamourous that she had to have a dress ensemble change 2wice that night. So nice to have so many nice people and Family partying away with such good vibes. Ballons, cakes, treats and eats were alll in abundance. Thanks for the opportunity D. Hope to see you soon x

Sofia Hayat's Book Launch "Dishonoured" October 2009

BOLLYWOOD actress Sofia Hayat celebrated the launch of her new book -Dishonoured on 5th October. Great book which is a gripping account of a young girl's struggle to flee a life of oppression and imprisonment. She had a launch party at a great Indian Restaurant Indali Baker Street which was full of the gliteratti and sublime. Great book; definately worth a read....have a tissue at hand though.

Sofia Hayat or Sofia Hayat-Khan is a British Asian actress, singer and modell. Hayat hails from the UK and is of Pakistani heritage. She has worked on both British and Bollywood projects.
Hayat first came to public attention on Sky Channel, Zee TV, where she hosted her own TV show for 3 years starting in 2000. The show became a cult favourite amongst young British Asians. Later, Hayat was in the UK TV talent show Bollywood Star, in which she lost out on the first prize by about 3 places.