Thursday, 4 June 2009

Picnics In The Park Part II

Over the last May Bank Holiday I was full to the brim with my Lovely Family so I had to postpone a Picnic planned.

On the gloriously sunny saturday that was the 30th May we had a wonderful day of about 40 friends, chicken, cakes, ribs, champagne, cider, ice cream, rounders, boules, croquet, volley ball, lovely babies, music, running kids and side splitting laughter. Helped us to forget the dodgy MPs and credit crunch for one day at least. Long may these days reign.

Must organise another one soon.......good to see you all x

The Clothes Show Friday 29th May 2009

Wow what freaky weather we're having. Jumping on and off the tubes has nt been easy when going for site visits, events and client meetings. Thank God for the summer attire otherwise.....Well last Friday there was one tube , bus , tube trip I was not looking forward to. That was the long drift that is the road to the Excel Centre in Docklands for the Clothes Show. 'Why did they choose to have it there?' I asked myself - soooooooooooo far! Well upon reaching the the show with the Mrs I find out why. The Excel Centre is an awful long way away but my is it a great space for a MEGA EXHIBITION. So much luxurious space and state of the art facilities that you need roller blades to get around and see it all. Fab space!

Thanks to my PR Guru Sister Jay Jay we got VIP Seats at the most fabulous Fashion Show I have been to for a long while. The Awards were presented by Erin O'Connor and sadly this part was a weak run through. But the show was 40 minutes of Kool Britannia through the years ... from the 1950's Brighton Rock , Beatles Sixties Rock 'n' Roll ( Rhythm & Blues From US really) , Jimi Hendrix 70's, Mods, Punk, New Romantics, Hip Hop, Disco and Hoxton Quiffers - this is what we love about UK . The STYLE, FASHION, MODELS & DANCE TROUPE were magnificent. Oh yes and Jordon was also modelling , poor thing. Got great ideas for a Fashion Show we have to put together ....mmmm! Nice one Guys !!!! Same again soon please :-)