Thursday, 31 July 2008

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Cartier Polo Pictures- Mark Ronson

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Rock The Polo Pictures

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A Soiree & Rock The Polo 2008

When the Sun's out UK is the best Country in the World.That 's a fact . Friday was spent at a splendiferous soiree of Canapes & Cava at my Friends Sacha & Eiril 's ( Of " You re beautiful" Fame ) Hse in North London. Great food , great service - thx Ossie , marvellous company & nice touch with the piano , guitars & songs we all enjoyed. Nothing like a sing along with friends at the end of a beautiful night before you head off to Bungalow 8 :-) Saturday was spent clearing out the shed - a job I have avoided for 8 years but thats to Mrs Epega is now done and dusted. Sunday - what can I say ? This year the Cartier Polo was a roaring success with the main game of Australia vs England resulting in the Aussies winning AGAIN. Chinawhite enclosure was brimming full of lovelies , colours , fashion , celebs & excellence . The Westbury put up a fine show too in their enclosure where Estefania , Solomon ,Marijka & I enjoyed a most sumptous lunch. Thanks to Ashley Shaw & Chef Andrew Shaw .This is a BIG THANKS to all our 180 Guests & Clients who came to this great event. They say a picture tells a 1000 stories -well here are 12 that could tell you 12,000. Long live the Polo