Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Welcome back Buddy , BBQ & Fine Art

Welcome back Alistair ... 2 weeks with your Family on the beach in a phat Villa in the south of Spain has done you well. Glad to have you back Buddy .The week was fast , furious and productive - seems like everyone is at work watching the Olympics. Well done & happy Birthday Usain Bolt - nice one my Jamaican Brothers& Sisters - 2 World Records in 100m & 200m and many more Medals.More power to dumplings & curried goat- That s the bling ! RESPECT!Notting Hill Carnival should be a great celebration this week-end. Sorry Michael Johnson -"The King is dead , Long live the King"
Saturday was filled with another sumptuous BBQ in honour of 3 Friends Birthdays & one Welcome back.
Still waiting for the brief from the Russian for London Fashion Week ....
Still waiting for confo of the US Conference in London 2009.......
Sunday I m back to work to take fotos of a Sculptor & Painter 72 years young Paintings - EMC3 Agents To African Art?Wow artistic skills do not wane with age ! Mr Anifalaje - we ll make you known worldwide."IT S A DISGRACE TO LET TALENT GO TO WASTE"