Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Week Of Productivity ,Love & Sleep

Week commencing with the 4th August sees our Pearl return , all brown and glowing ,from a week long Hosting of Friends & Clients in a Villa in Ibiza. All came back alive,well & happy: which is not always the case from this centuries old retreat. Even in August Clients are suddenly enquiring into Autumn and Xmas Parties again. As London Fashion week looms we have an unexpected potential Great Russian Designer approach us to talk about the Launch of his Collection here in 3 weeks. Daunting task ... think this calls for a major brainstorm . Can t wait till Alistair's back from his 2 week Hols in Southern Spain to update him on all that has transpirred in his absence.Still waiting to hear back from the USA Client about their Conference in 2009 ....sometimes you need a stomach of steel ( yeah right) to stay in this game . 8.8.8 Ahhh great to witness one of the most joyous and enchanting Wedding Celebrations of my dear Friend Siu Bun to the delightful Hannah at the Four Seasons Hotel,Park Lane .Great surprise to see she 's with child as well ."May the sun light up their path & the winds push their endeavours forward" Lots of great food , champagne & dancing - oh my knees did ache .Another great Event strarted on that Friday - THE OLYMPICS - China know how to spend money - London we don t have to match the spend : we ll let our style win the day! Let s hope my 2 cherished teams do well - Nigeria in the football and GB in track , swimming ,cycling , hockey and everything else . Good chances this time . RIP to Barnie Mac & Isaac Hayes .......we lost 2 great men this week-end :-(