Thursday, 27 November 2008

Also we do love you too Oscar and The Ibrus

Our time is NOW !!!!!

MCM Shop Launch In Sloane Street

As soon as I landed in London ......BOOM- back to Events.This time a most sumptuous Launch thrown by my Sister Jolomi Jallah Epega for Sung-Joo Kim's WWW.MCMWORLDWIDE.COM Shop in Sloane Street. Rupert Everitt, Yewande Epega, Tara P-T, Naomi Campbell and many others where amongst the illustruos guests. Reckon Miss Kim would work well with the YPO.Mmmm.........x

The UK Nigerian Axis .....

Telecomunications, Finance, Luxury Brands, Drinks and Construction Industries....I'm coming for you. Thank you Ola Joshua for your diligence, commitment and help during my stay. We shall work together very soon. Kola Karim...more grease to your elbow for buying Costain in Nigeria- You are an inspiration to us all!
From London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Bali to Tibet I have dined and drank at the best restaurants and bars around the world.....but none can top the Bar in Lagos Motor Boat Club. Nowhere, no how......... Thank you UK for opening the door to our Future. See below the Speech from the UK High Commissioner to Nigeria Mr Robert Dewar CMG xx

Nigeria We Hail Thee...........

For many years I have dreamt of doing business in my Mother's Land. But what am I to do? Follow in my Father's footsteps and work in property? Follow the droves of people over the cliff trying to get a contract in oil, gas, cement or something? Nahhhhhhhhhh ......a great woman once told me - stick to what you know Babs and that will make you and yours Stars! So I took her advice: pitched to the UK Trade and Investments Export Market Research Scheme to evaluate EMC3's point of entry in Nigeria for Events, Marketing,Concierge, Creative Experiences & Conferences.Thank you UK ....I love you and I 'm loving your work.Thank you for the grant!
Nigeria is in a state of flux....whether to expand or get hit by the credit crunch.So much money,industry,bamking and development. Yes development- I commend you Governor Of Lagos Babatunde Raji Fshola for your efforts and progress.Now all you need is someone like me to represent you here in London!! Thy will be done....Thank you also Kofo M, Shoni, Yemi F, Alhaji O, Mrs A, Kola, Aunty Shade and Fauzi for all your Love x